Friday, April 17, 2015

How To Choose The Right LampShade For Your Home

Hands up when you have a lampshade on your house!

Most people, if not all, have lampshades placed in their homes in Amaia scapes. Perhaps they know that having a lampshade doesn’t just give light to the house, but it also adds beauty with the decorations placed in the house.
If you are a kind of people who are into putting fancy furnitures, lampshades can also be one of your assets inside your house. The features of the lamp shades can add the necessary adjustments to add more elegance to the place.

 Now if you are planning to include lampshades as one of your furnitures in your house, you might want to consider choosing the right lampshades for you since there are different kinds of lampshades that would suit your taste. These tips will help you decide on what kind of lamp shade feature that will also fit in your house.

In choosing the right lampshade, you also have to choose the height of it. On how tall or how small your lampshade should be to fit into your house. You do not immediately have a lampshade that is too small for a big and spacious house. Of course, you also have to see to it that it will perfectly fit in the place where you want your lampshade be.

Selecting the right height can also help the lampshades illuminates its light to the house. If you have a big and spacious house, you should also choose a taller lampshades. And if you have a small house, or you just to put your lampshade on your room, choose the height  will best fit in the place.

If you want to make the light of the lampshade wider where it will definitely illuminate the house, you should carefully choose what kind of width should your lampshade be. Decide whether you want your lampshade to be wider or not.

The width also helps you in maximizing and/or minimizing the space of your house. If you are living in a small house and you don’t want to have your lampshade that would eat up your space, you can definitely choose the smaller width for you to still have a space in your house.


There are actually a lot of shapes of lampshades you can choose on depending on what you like to have in your house. Credits to the manufacturers who made different kinds of lampshades for the different kinds of houses.

Yes. The shape of your lampshade can add up the beauty of your house. It doesn’t just add beauty, but you can also feel the elegance of the place when you include lampshades in your house and the shape also varies on how you wanted it to be.

Here are some examples of the shapes of the lampshades you might want to choose from:

Square or angular based lampshades
Candlestick lampshades
Drum lampshades
Octagonal baluster lampshades
There are actually a lot of shapes of the lampshades, but these pictures above are just some common shapes that most people have in their homes.

If you are a kind of person who is into reading or who just want to have a brighter light coming from the lampshade, you can choose how translucent your lampshade should be. That means, If you want to have a lampshade where you can also read under its light, then you should choose lampshades that allow light pass through it.

Choosing the translucency of the lampshade also allows you to have enough light that can also be illuminated in the room or in your house.

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