Wednesday, April 1, 2015

5 Effective Ways To Protect Your House From Fire

As I have noticed lately, there have been a lot of fire trucks that passed by our office, which also disturbs us whenever we heard that noisy sirens. Yes. It is such a frightful thing to experience when your house had caught up with fire. Whether you are living in an apartment Cebu, or any other properties, you have to avoid and protect your house from fire as an individual and a concern citizen.

We can’t deny that fire is inevitable, especially when we are not careful about the things that can be the cause of fire. Sometimes, when we go out, we tend to forget that there are things that we left in our house that can contribute to the cause of fire.

And if you are a kind of person who tends to forget and don’t have any idea that that something is dangerous when you leave it unattended. Now, here are some tips on how you can avoid fire and protect your house.

Check all electrical wirings regularly

Faulty wiring is dangerous and is one of the reasons or the cause of the accidents at home. If you think that you already have a faulty wiring, you better let someone or an electrician check your wirings immediately. Do not ever wait until an accident will occur in your house.
You can have an annual checkup on your wirings. And even if it is not annual, for as long as you think that your wiring needs to be fixed, and then do the right thing to do.

Avoid electrical overloading
This is very common to all of us. Admit it! We usually tend to overload electrical wirings, especially when we really need an outlet for charging our phones and/or other gadgets at home. Sometimes, we even use extension wires to connect to the electricity. The worst part is, we already know that electrical overloading is a no-no, but still continue to do it.

If you are a concern individual, you will definitely avoid these things to prevent accidents. Even if you really need an outlet yet you think that that particular outlet is full, you have to find another way for you to connect to the electricity. It will always be for your own good. 

Keep matches and other flammable objects out of your children’s reach

Children at young age don’t know what they are playing, or what kind of object are they playing. As an adult, it is your duty and/or responsibility to reprimand kids who plays with matches and other flammable objects. And to make it more sure that they will not play those things, you have to keep those things out of reach from your children.

Also, if your kids are already big enough to understand things, you can educate them about how to prevent your house from burning. And letting them know that playing matches and other flammable objects is also one of the causes of fire. With that, they will know and understand the importance of safety.

Make sure to inspect the kitchen before going to sleep

This is also a must to do. Do not ever forget to inspect your kitchen, especially the LPG tank. You have to make sure that before going to bed, the LPG tank is tightly closed, the wire of your rice cooker has been pulled out and other things in your kitchen that involves electricity.

Also, do not store combustible materials near your tank, wipe oil and/or residue; it might ignite the fire in your kitchen.

These are some common tips above yet are very important in preventing fire accidents in our house. It is better to obey than regret your hasty actions later on.

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