Thursday, August 20, 2015

Things to Get Rid of Before Your Next Move
One of the concerns when you have to move to Ayala land properties and/or to any other real estate property is deciding what to take with you. Agree? Well, there are things that we have in our home that are not necessary to bring it with us. Of course, deciding what things are you going to leave behind can lessen the unnecessary things that you will have in your new home.

However, deciding what to leave behind can also be stressful and demanding. You have to think twice or even thrice just to make sure that you are really sure of your decision to get rid of the things that you already don’t need it at all anymore. Of course, there are also certain things that you think that are already not useful, however, they can still be recycle and have a new item and/or thing out from the things that you have made.

Well, if you think that you are still stuck of the though which things are you supposed to stay and leave behind, then here are some tips for you to know what are the things that are not necessary for you to bring with you in your next move. Of course, it will also be up to you whether you like the idea of getting rid of the things that you like.

Dine in
Bringing food in your next move takes up a lot of space and often get a bit lost in the moving process. In the days and/or even weeks before your next move, eat anything that isn’t shelf-stable, brand-new or a specialty food and/or item. Also, don’t forget about the perishable foods in the fridge and/or freezer, you might throw it away if you don’t eat it before you move to your next home. Another thing, you have to make sure to not have any groceries before you move in for you not to have a lot of things to pack.

Pass on low-quality furniture
If you are keen about having good and nice furniture, you have to make sure that you are going to have one. Of course, you cannot have such if you still have your old and low-quality furniture with you. Well, if you think that it is wasteful if you throw it away, then you have to find someone in your neighborhood, families and/or friends who are willing to have it for you, then you can definitely get it to them. You also have the need to upgrade or replace a new one when you get to your new home. 
Clean closets

If you think that your closet have a lot of things and/or clothes that are already not of use, then you have to make sure to clean it up before you leave to your new home. Of course, like your old furniture, if you think that it is such a waste to throw it all away, then you also have to find someone within your reach at your community to give it to them. With that, you are donating it to them, especially people who don’t have any.

Tame the bathroom cabinet
If you have a lot of crusty nail polishes and curling mousse placed on your bathroom cabinet, and if you think that they are already of no use, they why not try donating it or throw it away. There is still no use if you are going to bring it with you to your next move. It will only eat up your space, and you don’t want that to happen. Right?

Donate excess kid’s toys
If you have kids and you think that there are certain toys that they don’t want to play it anymore, then it is better for you to donate it to charity, families, friends who have kinds and/or to your neighbourhood. With that, you are not just de-cluttering your things, you are also helping other kids to have their own set of toys.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Top 5 Fatal Mistakes Condo Renters Make
When it comes to investing in the Bonifacio Global City condo, making a fatal mistake is definitely a no-no! It is going to be one of your nightmares when you do such mistakes. And I’m sure you all don’t want that to happen to you. Right? That means; we have to be careful in everything we do when it comes to real estate transactions.

However, one of the nightmares renters can possibly experience is when the rent prices continue to rise as more and more renters flood the real estate market. And one of the most brutal thing to experience is when you don’t have enough pocket money for the rent and other important things that you need for you living and a fewer rental options. It is a quite a challenge, right? The struggle is real for the renters!

Yes, struggle as it may seem, however, that doesn’t mean that you should rush things immediately without any second thoughts. Well, if you are lucky to find a good condo unit to rent out, then you should avoid doing these fatal mistakes most condo renters make. If you do, then good luck!

1. Not reading the lease

Basically when you rent, there will be a contract between you and the owner and/or the landlord. There will be some arrangements and agreements when it comes to property that you are going to rent. Of course, not all leases are equal.

The kind of lease that you are going to have is probably not the same with the other properties. That is why, it is important for you to know and understand each detail of the lease. It is also for you to avoid any problems that are possible to arise later on.

2. Thinking the landlord will fix it

This is one of the misconceptions of most renters. If they think that the landlord will fix all of the problems regarding the property that you are staying, then you better think again. Not all landlords will fix that! That is why; it is important for you to check the property before you are going to move in to avoid any complications later on. However, if you have something to repair in your place, you also have to know who to call. Of course, you have to call the service provider – not the landlord.

3. Not documenting damage

The tendency when you rush in moving in to your condo unit, you will most likely forget to list the damages that you see in the property. The worst part is, the landlord might let you pay the damages found in the property without knowing anything about it at all. That is why; before moving in, you have to document every single detail of the condo unit. Well, you can definitely take a picture of the unit before you moved in. And when the time comes that your landlord will question you about it, you will have your solid proof that the damage is already there before you moved in.

4. Going only with an oral contract

Having only an oral contract is definitely a no-no! Don’t do it if you don’t want to have a nightmare! Oral contract is dangerous, especially to the renters. Landlords will trick you when it comes to the payments of your rental. Not only that, he/she might let you leave without any prior notice.

However, if you have a contract signed before you moved in, you have the assurance that you will have a safer place to stay. Also, if there are unexpected things that might happen to you, you can always go back to the contract that you have signed whether you and/or the landlord is doing what the contract says.

5. Not pulling your credit report

Credit cards, yes! This might be one of your feelings when you have one. However, there are certain things that you have to know and understand before having one. You have to know all of your credit scores. This is going to be one of your worst nightmares when you spend too much without thinking that you have already exceed the limitation of your card. And it is going to be a pain paying the money that you have already spent.

Can You Tell How Fast Your Home Will Sell?

Basically, home sellers know that the location of the property is definitely not the main reason why homebuyers invest in Ayala land properties. Well, we can just say that the location is just one of the factors that help buyers decide whether to purchase the property or not, and that is certainly one important things to consider before they can have their final decision. However, there’s still more to it!

realestatecanningvale.com886 × 714

When you are one of the home sellers, one of the many things that you will think of is on how are you going to sell your home. Or, is it possible to sell this without any problems later on? Well of course, you can definitely assure that your property will be sold to the right person – that if you just know what to do to make it effective and a success when it comes to the real estate transactions.

However, we all know that transaction business is not that easy as it may seem, since we don’t know and can’t control the decision of the homebuyer. Home sellers always be dependent on the final decision of the homebuyer, whether they like your property or not. Well, if you are one of those home sellers, fret not! Here some ways on how you will know and can achieve in selling your home successfully.

Keep calm and price it right

One of the many things home sellers should consider is the pricing. Well, we can also say that the price is one of the many things homebuyers usually ask about. That means, when you offer them a good and reasonable price, they will most likely invest and purchase your property. However, if you don’t have a good offer, you may lose one of your potential customers.

Generally, the housing market is improving. But you also have to take care and make sure not to overheat your listing price. Homes price more than twelve percent above their Zestimate home values are almost half as likely to sell in sixty days as those priced closer to their estimated values.

Take a picture, but not too many

Selling a property requires pictures. Of course, how can your target customers know that the property that you are selling is good or not? That is why; it is also important for you to take a good angle of the picture for them to be impress how good and nice the place is. Also, as much as possible, you have to take good photos to each of the corner of the house. Well, make sure that the photos are good and nice to look at.

After taking some photos of your property, you have to share it in your social media accounts and/or on your own website. With that, more and more people who are potential home buyers will most likely be interested in your property. Credits to the social media, it is now easy for us to spread the good news.

Size matters

It doesn’t matter how big or small your property is for as long as it has a space in every corner of the house, then it will be just fine. Of course, your potential buyer will also be depending on the size of your property. If you have a small and/or just enough space of your property, then perhaps, your potential buyer will most likely be people who are single and don’t have any family of their own yet. However, if you have a bigger property, then your potential homebuyer will most likely be big families with kids. With that, you can expect what kind of buyer is going to purchase your home.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Be prepared: Things to do When you are Sick in your Apartment
We all know that getting sick is definitely inevitable. We get sick even if we don’t want to be sick. Of course, catching some colds around you is uncontrollable. Getting sick is one of the facts of life – but the first time you’re sick in your apartment in Cebu can be a huge hassle. Well that, if you are not prepared.

Sometimes, getting sick is going to be a pain, especially when we are living alone in our apartment. There are no friends and/or families that you can call immediately whenever you are sick. That is why; there will always be a need for you to be prepared at all times, especially when you catch some colds.

Well, if you are one of those people who lives alone in their apartment, then here are some tips for you to be prepared when times like this strikes you anytime of the day. At least, you are being prepared, without worrying what to do next for you to be ok.


If you are leaving alone, you better have some stocks of medicine in your apartment. Of course, you should have at least some anti-allergies, medicines that are pain killer, and/or any other medicines that you think you might need it one day. You have to make sure that the medicine box that you have will not be empted for you not to panic or worry when you get sick or catch a cold. Also, when you prepare and have your medicine in your apartment, it is easier for you to get well, since you can immediately take some of those medicines.

First aid

There will be a lot of possibilities to happen inside and outside of your apartment. You don’t know and God forbid, you cut yourself with a knife or burn yourself with a boiling cooking oil while you are cooking your food. When that incident comes, you don’t have to worry about what to apply since you already have a lot of first aid stock in your apartment. You don’t have to worry when you cut yourself since you have a band aid ready for you. Of course, not just band aids but also, antibacterial like Neosporin or a different kind of antibiotic ointment to speed up the healing process and minimize the pain.

Sick foods

If you are sick, one of the things that you don’t like to have is eating too much of your food. However, even if you don’t like and feel like eating, you still have the need for you to eat. Well, it you like to get well soon, then you should also have some stock o sick foods like crackers, soup, and other foods that you want to eat for as long as it is a healthy food and can speeds up the healing process.


One way or another, there will always be a need for you to call someone for you to be taken good care of. Be it your family or friends. You don’t have to worry about them for as long as they have the time to be with you and take good care of you. Also, keeping up important contacts is necessary in case of emergencies.

Also, if you are using your mobile phone, you have to make sure that you still have an extra load for you to call them, since it will definitely be useless when you are unable to contact them if you don’t have any load at all.

Being prepared with at least everything is definitely a good thing to do. Of course, if you don’t want to sound silly when you have to call the doctor who will usually ask what is your temperature, then you better have your own thermometer. Not just that but also, you have to have some stocks of ice packs/heating pads, tissues, blankets and/or any other things that are useful and needed to you.

How long can your Home Decor last?
There are some of you here might wonder whether or not decorations really last long. If so, how long? That is the question most of the people usually ask whenever they decorated their homes in Amaia homes with something that they want to put. Of course, as a homeowner, you should make your home a place where you can be proud of. Who doesn’t?

In a home décor, there are particular trends that are flash in a pan – here today, and gone tomorrow. Some of you here might enjoy the decorations that were put in your house even with the short period of time. However, there are also some home decorations that are trendy yet they stick around a lot longer and end up becoming the iconic and/or favourite accessories of a time period.

Well, if you are one of those people who cares about a long lasting home décor, here are some list of home decorations that you want to have in your home with a long lasting trends. Also, these kinds of trends are popular with a reason. It can adapt to any other type of home decorations and/or personal sense of style. 

Colorful accent furniture
When it comes to the color of your furniture, it will never be out of style. Of course, it is the type of color that you want to have in your house. Others don’t have anything to care about, every color is also a trend. Moreover, when it comes to a contemporary, eclectic, coastal, industrial, you name it – and add in a splash of color by way of an accent piece of furniture and you’ve got an instant eye catchy furniture in your home. 

Black and white
The classic combination isn’t likely to go out of style. The black and white accessories and/or furniture in your home adds a grounding element to a space, not to mention a little bit of sophistication and even drama. Whether you prefer a contemporary, a high contrast look of an all black and white room, or the romantic, French feel of black and white toile paired with a vintage pieces, then you will definitely going to love the style it can make. 

When it comes to choosing the right shape and style of a particular furniture, it is best for you to choose the one that is nice and elegant to look at. Whatever shape that you want to have, whether if it is an angular, faceted shapes such as triangles, prisms, and octagons, they are all over fabric prints and rugs, and it can even dominate art and light fixtures. Homes with accessories with geometric shapes are sophisticated for their clean lines, yet can have a playful feel as well. 

Statement mirrors
When it comes to the decorations of your home, there will always be some mirrors to be included inside your house. Of course, if you don’t have a mirror inside your home, it will be quite be boring to look at. Mirrors have the ability to reflect space and light, and there are few secrets to using them for maximum impact. When you use the mirror correctly, it will definitely give you a satisfying feeling whenever you are in your home. Of course, mirrors can also reflect your personal style perfectly, making this trend worth a second look. 

Thrifty style
When we have our home, it is just a norm to decorate it the way we wanted it to be. Home decorations can have a huge impact with the world around us. For instance, in relation to the way we decorate our homes, there is a correlation. So, whether you attempt to DIY some projects, shop at the home decoration stores, or buy some items from a flea market or yard sale to fix up and call you own, these thrifty ways to feather or nests are not only popular, they are the only way for some.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Home Office Ideas That You Want To Try
I bet, there are a lot of you here who are planning to extend their office in their own homes in Amaia land Lipa and/or any other real estate properties. Sometimes, there are just some work that needs to be continued at home. Especially when deadlines are on the line, bringing your tasks at home might be one of the things that you need to consider.

Of course, isn’t it nice and comfortable to work with when you also have an office like space in your home? The more comfortable you are with you work place, the more you can accomplish your task faster. Well, that is because you have the energy to work since your work place is a nice and satisfying place to work with.

If you are one of those people who are planning to have their own office space in their own house, then here are some tips for you in order for you to achieve your desired work place, even if you are just working in the premises of your home. Fret not! You will definitely love the style of your home office.

Cubbies and brights
If you want your extended office be on your room, then you have the need to have some space for it. Well, you also have to fret not! Since, this kind of arrangement will not eat too much of your space on your room. All you have to do is place a simple built-in desk with a row of drawers and overhead cubby-like shelves that will provide plenty of storage for the important papers and supplies while maintaining a sleek profile.

Monochrome niche

If you have some pantry at home and it is not already in use, then you might want to try using it for your extended office space. Of course, even if your work place is somewhere in the kitchen, you also don’t have to worry, for as long as you arrange your things and/or other important documents in the proper and neat way.
Library table
If you have enough space that is intended for your work place, then you might also want to try setting up a library table. This kind of arrangement will give you the feeling that you are really working on your office since, you are surrounded with books and/or any other things that you need for you work. Plus having wooden desk that is tucked against a tall bookcase will add a merit to your work arrangement.

Kitchen counter
 Some of you might not realize this yet, but the kitchen counter can also be one of your working-station. Of course, this place is common and a popular place for having some activity in our home. It will definitely make a hands spot for catching up on email, looking up recipes online and/or doing some of your homework.

Secluded corner
 If you notice that you have a spare space on your home, you might as well use it as one of your work place. It will be away from the main living space but not completely cut off from it, this office nook provides the best of both rooms. Of course, you have the need to choose what kind of furniture that you will want to include since the place is too small for a big furniture.

Floating desk

If you are a kind of person who just want to be simple, for as long as you can have your work place, then you might as well try having a floating desk for your office space. With this kind of arrangement, you don’t have to worry about eating up too much of your space since it won’t.