Thursday, April 30, 2015

5 Ways to Avoid Dust in your Home

 One of the things that we really hate the most when we talk about being clean inside the house in real estate Cebu is to have dust in our house. Who wants to collect dust? No one, right? Collecting is not a fun thing to do. Besides the fact that the dust is a dirty thing, it also means that our house is not clean enough. Well, we all know that it is not going to be a healthy living.

 Being clean is one of the factors that you have a healthy lifestyle. It is the individual’s responsibility to clean his or her house whenever they have noticed that there are already dusts inside their house. Admit it! We can’t avoid the dust all the time, it will always be there.

Since we can’t avoid it completely, at least we can just lessen the dust that will be collected in our house. Here are some tips on how to avoid collecting dust in your house. I know you also want to try it in your house.

Change your bedding once a week

We all know that dust doesn't just come from the pollution outside your house. Dust will also form from your dead skin, dirty hair and/or any other part of your body that are dirty. And once you go to be without taking a bath, those dirty parts of your body will fall in the bed sheets without knowing it.

If you don’t want to collect dust, then you have the need to change your beddings or bed sheets once a week. With that, you are sure that there will be lesser dust on it since you change the sheets regularly. Not just the bed sheets, but also, include the pillow casing and/or the things that are found in your bed.

Keep tidy closets

Dusts are everywhere, even inside your house. If you don’t want to spread the dust all over your house, including in your closet, then you should tidy your clothes and always close your closet for as not let the dust get inside your closet.

If you have your bags that are stored in your closet, it is advisable that you can wrap it in a plastic bag and/or any other containers for as long as it will not be dusted.

Say "no" to carpeting

One of the factors that dusts would stay is that you have a carpet that is willing to collect dusts from your shoes and/or any other things that contribute to the dusts. Even if you have a regular carpet cleaning, there are still hidden particles of dust that we cannot get rid of. It will continue to collect dusts around the house.

Well, if you are one of the people who just love to have a carpet inside the house, make sure that the carpet that you have in your home is an easy thing to wash or vacuumed to prevent collecting more and more dust inside your house.

Take it outside

If you want to clean up the dust from your bed sheets, pillow casings, carpets and/or any other things that you need to clean, you have to always clean it outside your house for as not to collect the dust inside your house.

Also, if you clean your things outside, make sure to do it in an open space for the dust disperse in an open area.

Air purifiers

When we talk about dust, we know that it is everywhere and even in the air, dust is there. That is why, if you don’t want to inhale dust, then you have to make sure that the air that you breath is clean enough for you to prevent sickness later on.

4 Reasons Why Reclaimed Wood Looks Good in your Kitchen

The Kitchen. That is one of our favorite parts in our house in Amaia land Lipa. Agree? I know most of us, if not all, would agree with that. A kitchen is a place where we prepare our food and where we eat. It is also where different kinds of food are found. Well, you can’t blame us for having the kitchen as one of our favorite places in the house.
Aside from foods that are found in the kitchen, one of the things that we love to do in our kitchen is having a good and neat arrangement of the place. And using of reclaimed woods can also make your kitchen an awesome place. Some of you might wonder how come reclaimed woods are good to have in our kitchen. You might also wonder why choose reclaimed woods when there are a lot of things that we can choose to have and use in our kitchen? Why choose reclaimed woods?

These questions might bug you sometimes, but there are a lot of advantages when you use reclaimed woods in your kitchen. If you are one of those people who wish to try having it in your kitchen, then here are some reasons that you might want to know for having it.

It brings a special charm to the kitchen

Don’t you know that reclaimed woods have also its own natural beauty? Having it in your kitchen will a special charm that no other stuff can give. It flaunts its natural beauty in the kitchen, especially when you try to make it obvious, it will really stand out than the other furniture in the kitchen.

Reclaimed woods stands out from the rest of the furniture, perhaps because, it has an ancient touch of it. You will know how ancient or how old the thing is when one takes good care of it. The more ancient it is, the more special charm it will give to the kitchen.

It can add age to a new kitchen in an instant

If you are one of those people who are fan of collecting antiques, or even have and antique furnitures all over the house, then you might want to add reclaimed woods in your list. Having and using of reclaimed woods in your kitchen will add age to your kitchen in an instant. And not just in adding an age, but it will also give beauty to the place.

Well, you can say an antique kitchen with a modern twist. Also, it does not just add beauty but it also has an elegant touch to it. That is why, most elders and/or people who love to have reclaimed woods since they know what it can give to the place.
It gives you the chance to use a wood that is no longer available

If you have a lot of used woods, you can still do something nice out of it. Of course, you have to choose woods that are still useful and recycle it. You can do some DIYs to transform the used woods into a useful thing instead of throwing it away.

With this, you can use your creative ideas to come up with something new out of the junked woods that you have found in your backyard. Do some experiment and you will surely have one for your kitchen.

It has interesting one of a kind detail

One of the advantages when you use reclaimed woods is that it has an interesting one of a kind detail in the furniture that you will have. Each of the wood has different kind of style in them. That is why, it will give you a special charm when you use and have one in your kitchen.

Friday, April 24, 2015

5 Ways to Protect your Home from Burglar while on a Summer Vacation

Travelling and/or going to places that we want to go is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about spending our summer vacation. Of course, we all want to have an exciting and enjoyable vacation. Right? That also means, we are leaving behind our homes in Amaia scapes if we want to go somewhere.
Most of the times, if not always, we tend to leave our house without someone to guard it. We tend to be confident and complacent on our surroundings, knowing that there will be no burglar in our community. Well, who knows?

Those people that do not take extra careful when it comes to guarding their house is most likely be the one of the victims in the burglary. Of course, we all don’t want that to happen in our homes, right? So to take a cautious against these incidents, here are some tips for you to have a peace of mind while being away from your home.

  1. Secure your doors with heavy duty locks
To make sure that your doors are not easy to break in, you have to use heavy duty locks in all of your entry points. You have to secure doors at the entrance, and don’t forget including the back door, if you have one. Using of heavy duty locks helps your door tightly locked up. It works especially when burglars would definitely find it hard to break into your house since you are using heavy duty locks.
If you are a person who wishes to secure their doors with a tight lock, you can also have a double lock on your doors. In that way, there will be no way burglar would find it easy to get inside considering the locks that you put up on your doors.

  1. Double check your windows/attic/manhole
Most burglars, if not all, knows how to enter into your house using your windows. They know how to adjust their body just to fit into your windows. Not just through your windows, burglars find opportunities to break into your house through the attic and/or through your manhole. They are clever and will do things for as long as they can get and have something out of your house.

Double checking our windows/attic/manhole would not take long of your time. You have to make sure that everything is tightly locked up. In doing that, you will at least have a peace of mind knowing that you have already checked your windows and making sure that they are all locked.

  1. Have a CCTV or an alarm system in your house
If you are really not sure about how secure and safe your surroundings are, then it is your call to have a CCTV or an alarm system installed in your house. It may cost you a little, but it is still for your own safety.

When you these security gadgets in your home, it is easier to find and identify the culprits that temps to break into your house. Especially in times when you notice that they are suspicious people roaming around your community, you can easily figure out who these people are.

  1. Secure and hide valuable things
All of us have our own valuable things. We have our laptop, smartphones and/or any expensive gadgets that we owned. Sometimes, we don’t usually bring these gadgets when we have our vacation considering the fact that we can’t attend our things all the time.

If you plan to leave your valuable things at home, you have to make sure that it is hidden in a place where one would not notice that you were hiding something in there. You have to trick the burglar’s eyes that they will not expect and suspect anything.

  1. Assign a trusted someone to guard your house
Having someone to guard your house is a better idea to make sure that your house is tightly guarded. When burglars know that there is someone in your house guarding, they will not take a risk breaking into your house. Burglars will also take caution when it comes to the people who are in charge of the house.

When you have a trusted someone in your house, they just don’t guard your house, but they will also come in handy in times when you need them, especially emergency calls. Before you go on a summer vacation, instruct first the person who will be in charge in guarding your house on what to do to ensure safety for them and for the house.

5 Types of Bathtub for your Bathroom Use

 Hands up to those people who makes their bathroom as one of the relaxing place in their house in Amai homes Lipa! Well, me too! Who would not want to relax in a hot/cold shower? Especially when you have a bathtub in your bathroom, your relaxing moment would definitely be a satisfying one.

Others may think that having a bathtub can cost you much and can only add or eat up some space in your bathroom. They don’t see any value when it comes to having and owning such bathtub in your place. Having a bathtub doesn’t just add beauty to your bathroom. It also gives you the relaxing feeling when you try to submerge your body into the bathtub.

There are actually different kinds of bathtub for you to choose, depending on the size and the structure of your house. If you are one of those people who still don’t have a bathtub at home and you want to have one, then you might want to choose from these kinds of bathtub that suits inside your bathroom.
                                                 1. Alcove Bathtub

This kind of bathtub is one of the most common bathtub used nowadays. People want to have a  tub that has a simple yet an elegant touch to it when placed in your bathroom. Also, you don’t have to worry when you have this kind of bathtub since it will not add or eat up too much of your space.

Alcove bathtub is made to maximize the space of your bathroom. The bathtub is usually attached to the wall to save more space. The size of the alcove bathtub will also vary on the bathroom. On how it can be fitted to it. You will notice that alcove bathtub is also usually a square type of bathtub. They only vary in their designs on how they add more designs to it.

2. Drop in bathtub
 Drop in bathtub is most likely similar to the alcove bathtub. The design of it is also usually the box or the square type of tub. Of course, you can also see different kinds of drip in bathtub for you to choose. You can also have the elongated type of drop in bathtub.

Drop in bathtub is not necessarily placed or attached to the wall. You can have it at the center of your bathroom or any other places.

3. Freestanding tub

This kind of bathtub can stand on its on since it can support its body. There are some of the freestanding tub that varies on to the bottom of the tub for the support. It doesn’t have to be a square type of tub since there are already a lot of designs that you can choose from.

When we talk about a freestanding bathtub, people usually prefer to have it as elongated one. Well, perhaps, having it elongated can also add up to the beauty of the bathroom, and it also has the elegant touch to it when you have it in your bathroom.

4. Corner bathtub
Of course, from the word itself, corner bathtub is usually placed or attached to the corner of your bathroom. When you have this at home, this tub will also help you save more space in your bathroom.

Also, small spaces like apartments can already have this kind of bathtub since it will not eat up too much of your bathroom space. Well, that, if you want to have one.

5. Clawfoot bathtub

Clawfoot bathtub has a four feet that support the tub. It has a simple yet an elegant style or design of each foot. You can also put it to the center, corner and/or wherever you may want to have it. This kind of bathtub is one of the oldest and simplest form of all kinds of bathtubs.

Friday, April 17, 2015

How To Choose The Right LampShade For Your Home

Hands up when you have a lampshade on your house!

Most people, if not all, have lampshades placed in their homes in Amaia scapes. Perhaps they know that having a lampshade doesn’t just give light to the house, but it also adds beauty with the decorations placed in the house.
If you are a kind of people who are into putting fancy furnitures, lampshades can also be one of your assets inside your house. The features of the lamp shades can add the necessary adjustments to add more elegance to the place.

 Now if you are planning to include lampshades as one of your furnitures in your house, you might want to consider choosing the right lampshades for you since there are different kinds of lampshades that would suit your taste. These tips will help you decide on what kind of lamp shade feature that will also fit in your house.

In choosing the right lampshade, you also have to choose the height of it. On how tall or how small your lampshade should be to fit into your house. You do not immediately have a lampshade that is too small for a big and spacious house. Of course, you also have to see to it that it will perfectly fit in the place where you want your lampshade be.

Selecting the right height can also help the lampshades illuminates its light to the house. If you have a big and spacious house, you should also choose a taller lampshades. And if you have a small house, or you just to put your lampshade on your room, choose the height  will best fit in the place.

If you want to make the light of the lampshade wider where it will definitely illuminate the house, you should carefully choose what kind of width should your lampshade be. Decide whether you want your lampshade to be wider or not.

The width also helps you in maximizing and/or minimizing the space of your house. If you are living in a small house and you don’t want to have your lampshade that would eat up your space, you can definitely choose the smaller width for you to still have a space in your house.


There are actually a lot of shapes of lampshades you can choose on depending on what you like to have in your house. Credits to the manufacturers who made different kinds of lampshades for the different kinds of houses.

Yes. The shape of your lampshade can add up the beauty of your house. It doesn’t just add beauty, but you can also feel the elegance of the place when you include lampshades in your house and the shape also varies on how you wanted it to be.

Here are some examples of the shapes of the lampshades you might want to choose from:

Square or angular based lampshades
Candlestick lampshades
Drum lampshades
Octagonal baluster lampshades
There are actually a lot of shapes of the lampshades, but these pictures above are just some common shapes that most people have in their homes.

If you are a kind of person who is into reading or who just want to have a brighter light coming from the lampshade, you can choose how translucent your lampshade should be. That means, If you want to have a lampshade where you can also read under its light, then you should choose lampshades that allow light pass through it.

Choosing the translucency of the lampshade also allows you to have enough light that can also be illuminated in the room or in your house.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Top 3 Maintenance Issues Every Homeowner Should Know

If you are one of the homeowners in Amaia scapes Bulacan, your concerns definitely would not end up in paying your bills. There will also be concerns on the maintenance issues on your house. You might think that since the house is already fully furnished, you don’t need to have a maintenance check up inside and outside of your house. Well, you are wrong with that!
There are a lot of homeowners who think that their house don’t  need any maintenance issues in their house since it is not broken or damage, they were most likely having a major problem with regards to their maintenance issues.

Some people would say that “It is better to spend hundreds for maintenance that spending thousands for repairs.” Well, we all do agree! Now, here are some of the maintenance issues that you, as a homeowner should know and should not ignore it.

Issues related to electrical systems

We all know that one of the major causes of fire or any other accidents is caused by a faulty electrical wirings. When you don’t regularly check your wirings in your home, it may cause some complications. You have to check whether the wirings in your house are still intact. Double check whether some wirings might have already worn out, or even your wirings might have an open wire which can cause accidents later on.

As a homeowner, you have to make sure that your wirings are properly placed or hidden in some corner of your house for as to keep it out of reach from the children. And when you have outlets in every corner of your house, just make sure that it is not an open wire and grounded to make it safer to use.

But if you are not sure on how to maintain it or have some minor repairs on your wirings, you have to make sure that you will call an electrician that will do the job. Do not carelessly try to repair electrical wirings, especially if you don’t have any knowledge to know how. And when you have a proper maintenance of your electrical systems, you will be far from having accidents in your house.

Plumbing and sanitary maintenance

If you don’t want to have licks or any holes in your house, then you have to start a regular plumbing and sanitary maintenance in your home. This will help you in determining whether you have some holes in some pipes or any other water related damages.

Also, you have to make sure that the drainage of your bathroom, kitchen is still working to avoid for the water to stuck up inside. Also, if there is something that caused the water to stuck up, you also have to make sure that it will be pulled out from the pipe or anything for the water to flow. Having a regular plumbing and sanitary maintenance can also help protect you from diseases like dengue and/or any other flu that we get from  a stagnant and smelly water.

Carpentry and renovation works

If you are a kind of person who is keen enough and also have concerns about having a durable house to live, you can definitely have and do carpentry and renovation in your house. This kind of maintenance will help you make your house durable and stable house when it comes to natural disasters.

Also, they just don’t make your house durable and stable, they will also make sure that they will get rid of the pest that slowly damaging your house. They will usually get that and replace it into something new.

And as a homeowner, you have to make sure that the house that you are staying is safe enough for you and for your families. If you think that there is really a need for to call a carpenter or any person who knows how to renovate your house, then do it. It is also for your own good and safety.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

4 Things Home Seller Must Avoid

Being a real estate agent can also be one of the biggest break when you sell houses that would also cost millions worth of cash. Yes. There are some real estate Cebu that are expensive to have and live. Of course, it will be a good and satisfying lifestyle when you lived in that particular place. Well, that if they are lucky enough to have a good buyer who is on the go to buy it.

A successful real estate transactions will also be depend on how one broker can successfully present the property that his/her client will engage in it. It will really be depend on how smooth the deal is, whether there will be any complications or not. And yes. There are real estate agents that are not successful in dealing with their clients.

Well, it doesn’t mean that that real estate agent is already not good enough in the real estate industry, there are just some things that they need to avoid to have a smooth and successful real estate transaction or a deal with their clients. Now here are the things that a real estate agent must avoid, especially when dealing with a client.

  1. Not showing your property in its best light
One of the things that can add beauty to the house is the light. Whether if it is a natural light or not. You have to make sure that there will be enough light in the premises of the house. When there is a good lighting in the house, the client will appreciate it since they can see the beauty of the place.

If you want to let your client see the beauty of the house when it is dark, especially when the house is overlooking to the city, then you have to let them see the house during the night. But if the client wants to have a clear view of the house, you can let them see the house during the day. It is best to let your client see the beauty of the house when it is morning for as not to have to much lighting in the afternoon.

  1. Rushing into the market
Do not rush things and find an immediate buyer when you have decided to sell your house. You do not know, there are still a lot of potential buyers that are willing to buy your house in a higher amount than the other buyers.

If you think that you need to have a buyer asap, then you can still scout buyers who are still willing to have the price that you are offering for your house. You have to make sure that the buyer is willing to pay that particular amount than the other, then decide whether to choose him/her.

  1. Hiring the wrong agent
Yes. There are also agents that you cannot trust when it comes to selling your house. They just don’t have enough knowledge to deal that particular matter. Even though you think that, that broker has enough knowledge, yet is not trustworthy enough to handle a real estate transaction, then you have to think twice before hiring one.

If you have a good agent, you will have a smooth business deal with the broker and the client. And especially when dealing with money matters, you also have to be very careful when it comes to it for as not to have some problems later on.

  1. Not being willing to negotiate
If you are the owner of the house, you have to learn to accept negotiations from your clients, especially when dealing with money,since there will always be some negotiation when it comes to that matter.

Don’t be complacent on the things that there are still a lot of people who want to buy a house, but if you think that the price that the client want to have and it is still fit on your standard of your price, then you have to sell it. It is better than nobody will buy your house at all.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

4 Common Things That Can Help Reduce Electricity Bills

Most of us, if not all, paying our monthly electricity bills is just so frustrating, especially when our budget is on tight. We sometimes even have a hard time looking for a money just to pay the said bills. Well of course, even if you are now living in an Amaia Scapes, you still have the need to pay your monthly electricity bills.

And of course, who would not want to use more electricity, especially when the summer heat is really getting on our nerves. Well, there are still a lot of people who can conserve even if they also experience the scourging heat of the sun. Perhaps, those people know what to do when it comes to minimizing electricity consumptions.

There are actually a lot of things you can do to lessen the consumption of your electricity bills. Well, you don’t need to totally cut off your appliances for you to have no electricity bills to pay. But you can still use it in a moderate way.

Now, here are some simple and common things found in our house that can add up to your electricity consumptions when you don’t know what to do with these things.

1. Refrigerator
We all have refrigerators, right?! Especially when we feel like we are really thirsty and we have the need to drink cold water to satisfy our thirst, our refrigerator really helps us a lot when it comes to it. Of course, not just for storing cold water, we can also store some foods and other things that need to be refrigerated.

But to lessen the consumption of your refrigerator, if you think that your fridge is already too cold, which makes the food be frozen, you have to turn it off. And if you think that there is a need to turn it again, then you have to do it.

Also, if you think that there is a need to defrost, then you have to defrost it. With that, you can reduce the consumption of your electricity through minimizing the use of the fridge.

  1. Aircon
We all want to use aircon, especially when we feel that there is no wind that can reduce the heat of our room. Using of aircon is our first thing in mind when we need to cool ourselves down. We even use aircon in our house, even if it is still in the afternoon. We can’t help it, right? We just need to use it.

Of course, even if we are reducing the consumption of the electricity bills, we can also help reduce and or minimize the consumption by lessening the use of it. Like what you did for the fridge, you can also do it with your aircon. When you feel like it ready cools you down or the room or the place is already cold enough, then you can turn the aircon off.

In that way, you can the use of aircon is minimized since you had it turned off when you think that you are already satisfied with the coldness of the place. And as much a possible, try not to leave the aircon on when there is no one around in the room or in the place.

  1. Clothes dryer
Did you know that the clothes dryer is also one of the things that can add up to the consumption of the electricity bills? When you do laundry, if you feel like the heat can really dry up your clothes, then as much a possible, try using the natural heat of the sun in drying your clothes. Also, make sure that you do laundry in the morning, or in the early afternoon for you to be able to still use the heat of the sun.

And as much as possible, use only the clothes dryer when you are in a hurry and you need to wear or pack the clothes that you just washed. In that way, saving electricity bills can never been this convenient.

  1. Lighting fixtures

When it comes to the lightings of your house. Make sure that you choose and/or buy the right one since there are a lot of light bulb or any other light fixtures that can also add up to the consumptions of your electricity bills.

In buying or choosing, if you are not sure whether that kind of light can add to the consumptions, then you have to ask the sales or store attendant for you to choose another if it adds up to the consumptions of the electricity bills.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

5 Effective Ways To Protect Your House From Fire

As I have noticed lately, there have been a lot of fire trucks that passed by our office, which also disturbs us whenever we heard that noisy sirens. Yes. It is such a frightful thing to experience when your house had caught up with fire. Whether you are living in an apartment Cebu, or any other properties, you have to avoid and protect your house from fire as an individual and a concern citizen.

We can’t deny that fire is inevitable, especially when we are not careful about the things that can be the cause of fire. Sometimes, when we go out, we tend to forget that there are things that we left in our house that can contribute to the cause of fire.

And if you are a kind of person who tends to forget and don’t have any idea that that something is dangerous when you leave it unattended. Now, here are some tips on how you can avoid fire and protect your house.

Check all electrical wirings regularly

Faulty wiring is dangerous and is one of the reasons or the cause of the accidents at home. If you think that you already have a faulty wiring, you better let someone or an electrician check your wirings immediately. Do not ever wait until an accident will occur in your house.
You can have an annual checkup on your wirings. And even if it is not annual, for as long as you think that your wiring needs to be fixed, and then do the right thing to do.

Avoid electrical overloading
This is very common to all of us. Admit it! We usually tend to overload electrical wirings, especially when we really need an outlet for charging our phones and/or other gadgets at home. Sometimes, we even use extension wires to connect to the electricity. The worst part is, we already know that electrical overloading is a no-no, but still continue to do it.

If you are a concern individual, you will definitely avoid these things to prevent accidents. Even if you really need an outlet yet you think that that particular outlet is full, you have to find another way for you to connect to the electricity. It will always be for your own good. 

Keep matches and other flammable objects out of your children’s reach

Children at young age don’t know what they are playing, or what kind of object are they playing. As an adult, it is your duty and/or responsibility to reprimand kids who plays with matches and other flammable objects. And to make it more sure that they will not play those things, you have to keep those things out of reach from your children.

Also, if your kids are already big enough to understand things, you can educate them about how to prevent your house from burning. And letting them know that playing matches and other flammable objects is also one of the causes of fire. With that, they will know and understand the importance of safety.

Make sure to inspect the kitchen before going to sleep

This is also a must to do. Do not ever forget to inspect your kitchen, especially the LPG tank. You have to make sure that before going to bed, the LPG tank is tightly closed, the wire of your rice cooker has been pulled out and other things in your kitchen that involves electricity.

Also, do not store combustible materials near your tank, wipe oil and/or residue; it might ignite the fire in your kitchen.

These are some common tips above yet are very important in preventing fire accidents in our house. It is better to obey than regret your hasty actions later on.