Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Why We Always Have a Messy Home?

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One of the problems most homeowners encounter is having a messy home. It applies to all even if you are living in a house and lot in Cavite, Laguna or any township in the Philippines. Even if we clean our homes every now and then, it is just undeniable that our home will eventually become in a messy state. Well perhaps, some of you have kids who always run around the house and tend to mess things up, or you are just too busy to tidy things up one by one. Of course, it's not just you, but we all do experience having a messy home. Who hasn't?

But have you ever wonder why we tend to have a messy home? Why is it that it keeps getting messy even if we do our cleaning regularly? Some of you here might disagree, but having a messy house is just normal. Especially when you are living with someone, you have to expect that things would definitely turn out to be in chaos. And sometimes, this is one of the reasons why we feel embarrassed having our friends and/or families come over to our house.
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Just because your house is in a messy state, it doesn't mean that you are also a messy person. Agree? Well, it is definitely not always be the case. Moreover, it will always depend on who are we referring to, right? For instance, when you are a businessman, and you have a tight schedule, and there is a need to strictly follow it, then there is a possibility that you don't have enough time to clean up your own home. Moreover, when you are living alone, finding time to clean your home is also one of the things that we find it hard to achieve. Since our mind is so focused on the things we need to do at work or in school, tidy up things is the least we have in our minds.

How much more when you have kids. When you are a parent, finding some time to arrange whatever things that you need to organize might be difficult to have. Cleaning their mess every single minute can also be dead tiring. Sometimes, there are even parents who tend to let their kids roam around for as long as they want, and when the kids are tired, that is the time parents would clean up the messy things in their home.

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We may not know what your daily routine is like – waking up, having some breakfast, preparing for work or school, then you are out of the house. Well, unless there is someone who will be left at home, then there is a reason to clean and tidy things up. But if you are alone, no one will do it for you – then it is one of the reasons why we sometimes have a messy room and/or house. Why is that? TIME – we just don't have that.

Yes, we all do have our own reasons as to why we don't and can't find the right time for us to clean our home. However, it is still not reasonable and acceptable enough not to clean your house. And yes, we usually have the time management as one of the reasons why we can't achieve the desired outcome. However, if you just know how to manage your time – when to do a particular task in a given time, then you will definitely be able to organize your thoughts on to what things you need to do; whether that task is for your work, school or your daily routine at home. Finding time would be easy for you to have.

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Generally, if you are a kind of person who hates to see a home that is too messy and you don't usually have enough time to clean a messy home, then it is your call to tidy things up one by one. If you see a particular thing that is not in their proper place, then you have to put it in the right place where it belongs. Also, isn't it nice to see and feel that your house is really a home? The feeling of satisfaction, whenever you see that the things you have at home are all in order, is one of the best experiences that we want to have.

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