Thursday, August 28, 2014

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Neighborhood?

Locations  can be deceiving. And for a person who is looking out for a place to settle down with the family or so, this would become a challenge of some sort. Moreover, as much as buying properties in the Philippines such as Ayala Bonifacio Global City properties, among others is concerned, it is important to know which neighborhood you would want to be in. Especially now with the crime rate increasing, it is important to be cautious at all times.

In this article, you will be learning a few simple things on why choosing the right neighborhood is important. Shout-out to those new families or newly wed couples who are starting out and are still looking for a place to settle down.

Choose the right neighborhood because…

You want to ensure safety. Yes, that is one primary factor that one should always have in mind. This does not only apply to finding the right neighborhood, but also to everything that you should be doing. Safety should always be first. When thinking of buying a house or a condo unit, make sure that the location is safe—has a security management facility, or has at least a nearby trusted police station. You will never know when you needed one.

Tip: Research about the place wherein you are planning to stay. If possible, survey the vicinity if there are any mischievous hoodlums around. Or ask questions around your agent for you to know it first hand.

You want to be near establishments. Especially if you are a working person, making it to your office on time should not be a problem if you are in a great neighborhood location.  Malls and restaurants should not also be a problem and traveling to these places is not a hassle, knowing your neighborhood is a quaint place to move around.

Tip: Research about your place online and get to know the transportation methods where you can use to go around. Mobility around the neighborhood is also important such that it won’t get you caught up.

You want to maintain lifestyle priorities. This is relevant to those who are maintaining a lifestyle, whether if it means a moderate or high-profile one. Being in a community that serves this routine of yours would be much easier. Perhaps you are living in a condo unit that offers a pool and great outdoors even if you are living in an urban area, which would mean the community you are in is a place where your luxurious lifestyle can be spoilt. Or if you are pushing for a healthier lifestyle for your body, enjoying a jog around the neighborhood would help.

Tip: Ask your agent what amenities and facilities and other things within your area that you can enjoy. Moreover, try to seek out around the nearby areas on what other activities you can do. Parks will be a plus though.

You want to live in a relaxed area. Having a peaceful neighborhood would not get into your nerves. Who would want to stay in a place where it’s too crowded and noisy? Sure everyone deserves to treat themselves with utter relaxation after a hard day’s work at the very comfort of your homes without being bothered by the lousy neighbourhood.

Tip: Staying in a green environment with a relaxed feel is a good thing for you. If you desire to be in this kind of place, again, researching or asking around can make things easier.

You want to belong. Everyone would not want to live alone. And if the community you are in does not give you this, well it is something to be worried about. Of course, you cannot also expect a lot from the people around you, they might be looking out for someone to be friends with, somehow. Perhaps, a simple ‘hello’ or ‘hi’ from around the block can keep you up.

Tip: It would be nice if you have friends over the place that you can exchange conversation with. Making friends would be a healthy one to start off a peaceful community.

If you have any ideas in mind, you can always share them away!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How Moms Can Save Up Money While Staying At Home

Oftentimes, there are too many expenses to think about around the house. Not mentioning the food that you have to prepare for the family, the kids’ maintenance and the list goes on. Much more if you are a stay-home mom and the one in-charge of the family and the kids, which is a lot to think about. And as any family who lives in a real estate in the Philippines or elsewhere around the globe, a mother always has to balance things out.

Managing the family’s finances and taking care of the household chores are just two of the other things mothers always put into mind everyday. And when it comes to rolling back the money flow to finance all the other expenses needed, there would be a need for you to think about ways on how to go about it.

Here are a few tips you can keep in mind so as not to stress yourself up:

Garage sale

Raid out your closet and find old stuff like clothes that you rarely use. These can be sold out as pre-loved items especially if those ‘second-hands’ are branded items. Most women have a lot of clothes inside their wardrobes yet are still having the problem of what to wear. So here’s the solution to that dilemma, separate the ones you have your eyes on as favorites and those of which you are not of good use to you and sell them out.

If you happen to have furniture at home that are not merely used or are simply just extra stuff lurking inside your house, perhaps you can sell them to friends. With that, you can help a person and earn money out of it!

Sell Out Those Books

Yes, books. While they look so lovely on the shelves, let’s face this fact: Your books might be collecting dusts more than pageviews. And another fact is that people are now shifting to the digital age including their love for reading. Some would prefer using e-Books on their Kindles because oftentimes, books are big and heavy and moving around can often become a nightmare.

Use eBay or Craiglist

With the online world being so actively used nowadays, so is online selling. You can do an online bazar sale by posting pictures of the items you are selling. It is also works if you bundle things into packages, which happens to have a higher selling rate at higher prices. Just be sure to be safe and smart by not giving out your address and phone number. E-mail could do.

Home-based Jobs 

A lot of mothers who are nursing and are very much hands-on with their kids still always have that itchy feeling of wanting to go to work outside their homes. Yes, you miss it but being a hands-on mom can also be a fulfilling one. You can opt to have a home-based writing job for companies or be a freelance writer. There are a lot of local job listings around the Internet and surely you can find one before the day ends.

Direct Selling

Companies like Avon, Mary Kay and many more are always on the look out for enthusiastic new sales reps! And in direct sales, you can always put as much or as little time into it as you want. And if you believe you have the potential in sales and marketing, this can always work out!

Join an Online Group on Facebook

By this, it would mean asking more ideas and opinions from mothers online on how they continue to manage their finances at home even if they are stay-home and hands-on moms. Surely, there would be a lot to learn from!

If you have a few thoughts in mind, feel free to share your thoughts on the comments section below!