Friday, April 24, 2015

5 Types of Bathtub for your Bathroom Use

 Hands up to those people who makes their bathroom as one of the relaxing place in their house in Amai homes Lipa! Well, me too! Who would not want to relax in a hot/cold shower? Especially when you have a bathtub in your bathroom, your relaxing moment would definitely be a satisfying one.

Others may think that having a bathtub can cost you much and can only add or eat up some space in your bathroom. They don’t see any value when it comes to having and owning such bathtub in your place. Having a bathtub doesn’t just add beauty to your bathroom. It also gives you the relaxing feeling when you try to submerge your body into the bathtub.

There are actually different kinds of bathtub for you to choose, depending on the size and the structure of your house. If you are one of those people who still don’t have a bathtub at home and you want to have one, then you might want to choose from these kinds of bathtub that suits inside your bathroom.
                                                 1. Alcove Bathtub

This kind of bathtub is one of the most common bathtub used nowadays. People want to have a  tub that has a simple yet an elegant touch to it when placed in your bathroom. Also, you don’t have to worry when you have this kind of bathtub since it will not add or eat up too much of your space.

Alcove bathtub is made to maximize the space of your bathroom. The bathtub is usually attached to the wall to save more space. The size of the alcove bathtub will also vary on the bathroom. On how it can be fitted to it. You will notice that alcove bathtub is also usually a square type of bathtub. They only vary in their designs on how they add more designs to it.

2. Drop in bathtub
 Drop in bathtub is most likely similar to the alcove bathtub. The design of it is also usually the box or the square type of tub. Of course, you can also see different kinds of drip in bathtub for you to choose. You can also have the elongated type of drop in bathtub.

Drop in bathtub is not necessarily placed or attached to the wall. You can have it at the center of your bathroom or any other places.

3. Freestanding tub

This kind of bathtub can stand on its on since it can support its body. There are some of the freestanding tub that varies on to the bottom of the tub for the support. It doesn’t have to be a square type of tub since there are already a lot of designs that you can choose from.

When we talk about a freestanding bathtub, people usually prefer to have it as elongated one. Well, perhaps, having it elongated can also add up to the beauty of the bathroom, and it also has the elegant touch to it when you have it in your bathroom.

4. Corner bathtub
Of course, from the word itself, corner bathtub is usually placed or attached to the corner of your bathroom. When you have this at home, this tub will also help you save more space in your bathroom.

Also, small spaces like apartments can already have this kind of bathtub since it will not eat up too much of your bathroom space. Well, that, if you want to have one.

5. Clawfoot bathtub

Clawfoot bathtub has a four feet that support the tub. It has a simple yet an elegant style or design of each foot. You can also put it to the center, corner and/or wherever you may want to have it. This kind of bathtub is one of the oldest and simplest form of all kinds of bathtubs.

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