Thursday, April 30, 2015

5 Ways to Avoid Dust in your Home

 One of the things that we really hate the most when we talk about being clean inside the house in real estate Cebu is to have dust in our house. Who wants to collect dust? No one, right? Collecting is not a fun thing to do. Besides the fact that the dust is a dirty thing, it also means that our house is not clean enough. Well, we all know that it is not going to be a healthy living.

 Being clean is one of the factors that you have a healthy lifestyle. It is the individual’s responsibility to clean his or her house whenever they have noticed that there are already dusts inside their house. Admit it! We can’t avoid the dust all the time, it will always be there.

Since we can’t avoid it completely, at least we can just lessen the dust that will be collected in our house. Here are some tips on how to avoid collecting dust in your house. I know you also want to try it in your house.

Change your bedding once a week

We all know that dust doesn't just come from the pollution outside your house. Dust will also form from your dead skin, dirty hair and/or any other part of your body that are dirty. And once you go to be without taking a bath, those dirty parts of your body will fall in the bed sheets without knowing it.

If you don’t want to collect dust, then you have the need to change your beddings or bed sheets once a week. With that, you are sure that there will be lesser dust on it since you change the sheets regularly. Not just the bed sheets, but also, include the pillow casing and/or the things that are found in your bed.

Keep tidy closets

Dusts are everywhere, even inside your house. If you don’t want to spread the dust all over your house, including in your closet, then you should tidy your clothes and always close your closet for as not let the dust get inside your closet.

If you have your bags that are stored in your closet, it is advisable that you can wrap it in a plastic bag and/or any other containers for as long as it will not be dusted.

Say "no" to carpeting

One of the factors that dusts would stay is that you have a carpet that is willing to collect dusts from your shoes and/or any other things that contribute to the dusts. Even if you have a regular carpet cleaning, there are still hidden particles of dust that we cannot get rid of. It will continue to collect dusts around the house.

Well, if you are one of the people who just love to have a carpet inside the house, make sure that the carpet that you have in your home is an easy thing to wash or vacuumed to prevent collecting more and more dust inside your house.

Take it outside

If you want to clean up the dust from your bed sheets, pillow casings, carpets and/or any other things that you need to clean, you have to always clean it outside your house for as not to collect the dust inside your house.

Also, if you clean your things outside, make sure to do it in an open space for the dust disperse in an open area.

Air purifiers

When we talk about dust, we know that it is everywhere and even in the air, dust is there. That is why, if you don’t want to inhale dust, then you have to make sure that the air that you breath is clean enough for you to prevent sickness later on.

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