Thursday, January 21, 2016

What Makes Davao City Livable?

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If you are looking for a place where safe and business-friendly is rest assured, then you might want to invest and live in Davao City. Some of you here might be wondering about why Davao, when there are also a lot of places in the Philippines that are safe to live. However, when we talk about the safest and peaceful place in the country, Davao City is known for that. It doesn't matter if you live in Davao apartments, you can still experience the life you wanted to have.

Yes, there are also pros and cons when you choose to live in Davao City, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy life. Well, if you are one of those people who are planning to find a place to live yet still undecided on to where then living in Davao City might be a match with your lifestyle.

Peace and order

Again, if you are looking for a place where there is an assurance of peace and order, then you better choose to live in Davao City. With its 0.8 crime rate, who would not be tempted to live in such safe place, right? Moreover, the city doesn't just have a low crime rate, but it also run successful 911 central communications and emergency response system. Of course, they respond immediately whenever any accidents happened.


You don't have to worry about where and what mode of transportation you're going to use since there are a lot of ways to reach your destination. With its strategic location, you can quickly access Davao City via air, land, and sea travel. The busiest and has regularly scheduled flights to Manila and Singapore is in Francisco Bangoy International Airport. And if you are also planning to travel via land, it is also made easy by the Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway. The city is also connected to Cebu, Manila, and other major seaports by roll-on or roll-off interisland ferries.

A responsive and forward-looking local government

Unlike other cities in the country, the local government in Davao City are responsive when it comes to the welfare of their citizens. They make sure they can immediately respond to the needs of their people. Moreover, the officials are also supportive when there are some developmental projects such as modernization of infrastructure of the city's international airport, roads, bridges, and seaports. Of course, they also maintain and make sure that these projects would be done as soon as possible so that it can already be of use.

Business competitiveness

If you think that Davao City doesn't have any livelihood, then you better think again. The rates of public utilities, real estate, accommodations, rental for commercial spaces, raw materials, labor and other business needs are comparatively cheaper in Davao City than any other place in the country – that is according to Davao Hive Philippines. That is why, if you want to buy something, it is also to your advantage since the things in there are cheap. Of course, even if it is cheap you can also guarantee the quality of the product.

Moreover, Davao City is also a nice place to do business. Since there are a lot of business establishments where you can put your company, you also don't have to worry about the place and the rent.

Regional center of southern Philippines

Of course, Davao is not just the center of business and finance, it is also the center for education. Davao City has the top five universities in the Philippines. That includes the Davao campus of the University of the Philippines, in addition to numerous tertiary education centers and colleges. And of course, the city also has a well-known bank such as One Network Bank, the Philippines' largest rural bank regarding assets, is based.

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