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7 Positive Reasons to Move in Cebu!

As known by almost everyone, Cebu has become one of the top destinations listed by tourists because of its scenic beauty and mesmerizing beaches, among others. Aside from that, because of its booming BPO industry, Cebu has also become a hub of determined individuals from different locations in the country and from other races. And with a lot of options for settling down, not mentioning that there are a lot of real estate developers in the Philippines, Cebu is one of the best locations for having a family and/or doing business.

Yet, you might be thinking what should you expect if you decided to relocate? Well, guess you might have gone to the right place!

Stop the overthinking and read below 7 reasons why you should settle down in Cebu:

Urbanized City within a Rural Community

Cebu is situated in the Visayas area where it is being surrounded by a huge body of water. Aside from that, Cebu is also full of mountain ranges wherein one can explore. Yet, beneath that is a city that is highly urbanized and is keeping up with the waves. Cebu City, known as ‘Queen City of the South’ is very much in the progressive side and it has been so competent ever since.

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With a couple of skyscrapers and giant buildings, and an upcoming and organized transportation system, Cebu is not far from the cities here in the Philippines and even around the globe. With its competent approach, Cebu is making a mark, step by step and will eventually go to greater heights.

Less Flooding

Chances are, you might have heard on the news that everywhere is flooding. And sometimes, it often becomes a 'norm' not mentioning that there are strong typhoons coming in the Philippines. Yet, Cebu is still incomparable to that of in Luzon, particularly Manila, where there is a high-risk of flooding. It is also a sure-ball to say that the government is doing their part with it.

On a lighter note, Cebu is still one of the best places to live despite the flooding; there are only slim chances of having longer flood incidents in a day because it is not that congested. Aside from that, there are still trees available and the soil is still intact which means flooding can still be alleviated.

Near to Nature

With its distinct location that is near to nature, Cebu can be a place for you and your family to live a healthier lifestyle. This connotes that you can have travels down south or north, do biking or hiking or instantly go swimming to the famous beaches around the province. Aside from that, being close to nature would also mean being able to escape and relax from the hustle and bustle of life in the city.

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Rich in Culture and Heritage

Being known as the place where Magellan lead his fleet to convert Cebu to Christianity and a battle at the Mactan shore came about; these are just among the many historical references that eventually happened which is something that Cebuanos (and Filipinos) will very much cherish and remember.

Aside from that, there are other spots to check out, just like museums, statues, the good old Mactan Shrine, the Basilica del Minore and the Cathedral, among others, that would show how much Cebu has gone through despite the new changes.

Find Opportunities

A lot of opportunities are in store for you here in Cebu. Because of its wide array of choices, it would be easier for you to open up connections with people because of the diverse community that is present in Cebu. Such opportunities for jobs are given by the hour, all you got to do is look.

Metropolitan in the Making 

Cebu is a thriving community of diverse individuals and with rough talents and skills from people, there is no way it would not go bigger and go mega. There have been movements from the local government unit, to private sectors regarding this matter and there have been visible improvements that there are action plans being undertaken.

It’s a Livable Place

Overall, Cebu is one of the livable places among the many other locations here in the Philippines. With its likely culture of hospitality, the flourishing lifestyle, endless possibilities and opportunities that are laid in front of you, no wonder Cebu is garnering the trust of the many. 

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An example of which, is the growing popularity of real estate ventures. Since it is given that Cebu is a hub of diverse people, different real estate developers in the Philippines are eyeing on it for the expansion of their properties and also to offer solutions to various needs such as housing and property development.

In this note, it is no question that Cebu is one of the primary icons that is being ventured out by a lot of people, not only businessmen and the like, but also from individuals who want to enrich their lives in any aspects. With this, there is no wonder that when the time comes, you are going to eventually love Cebu and call it your home.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Christmas Decoration: 10 Awesome Tips to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays!

The Yuletide season is almost coming and maybe you already are thinking of how to decorate your house in its most fancy way you could think of. Maybe you wanted to try another theme and you do not want to repeat what you did last year. People who are living in, for example, Ayala condos or Rockwell townhouses and residences, are probably in the shopping craze already. Well, let’s make that as an advantage! And in this entry, we will be sharing to you a few suggestions on what to decorate your home for this coming holiday season!

#1. Theme Your Entry with A Warm Welcome

Give your guests a very warm welcome with your very creative light decorations. One of the most favorite (and fun) ways to light up the season is to have brilliant array of paper luminaries. Yes, paper! You can line them along your front walks and driveways for a fiery Christmas display.

You can create this gleaming arrangement by generously covering the bottom of white paper bags with sand to keep them sturdy. Arrange the bags in desired positions and then insert tea lights tor battery-operated LEDs.

#2. Put Out Christmas Lanterns

Christmas lanterns will never go out of style especially when this time comes every year. You can make use of your lanterns that you have used a year ago. You can even redecorate them or tweak them to make it more unique.

For quick-and-easy holiday style, you can opt to arrange a group of festive lanterns at your entry way.

#3. Hang Vintage Ornaments

However, if you opt to use the same ornaments from last year’s Christmas (and the previous year’s), you can do so! Stick to the familiar ways of arranging and decorating your house. Beautify your house with vintage glass ornaments and the ones given to you by friends and family.

#4. Hang Decoration in Windows

Hanging Christmas decors on your windows would also give your house a groovy feel because it is one portion of the house that your guests will see next! You can opt to decorate it inspired with a winter scene; snowflakes and fresh greenery, to add gist to your bare windows.

#5. Add Built-in Bookshelves

Dining areas or living rooms are often the places at home that need a bit of transformation, not just by placing a dining set and a living room set, respectively. Give your dining room (or your living room) a double-duty with built-in bookshelves that will help transform the room into a mini library when not in use.

From there, you can also touch the selves up with your favorite books and some Christmas decoration, such as an advent wreath or a candy cane.

#6. Don’t Forget Outdoor Furniture

If you happen to have an outdoor area at home and have thought of what Christmas decor you could add, you can pull elements from your home’s décor by dressing up your outdoor furniture. You can add throw pillows available to let your Christmas guests know you have their comfort in mind.

#7. Tie Wreaths on Napkin Rings

This one is a simple take on being creative; small grapevine napkin rings tied onto cloth napkins with ribbon. A bit of a touch like this will not only help complete your Christmas decorating theme, but will also give your guests idea on how to make simple pieces without going over the top.

#8. Set Up a Breakfast Buffet

This would not only mean setting up a scrumptious set of food on your dining room table, but also an accentuated kitchen. Set up a Christmas breakfast buffet on your kitchen island with fresh greenery and blooms. You can add hanging light fixture by attaching a grapevine wreath to the bottom.

#9. Give Your Dining Table a Vivid Focal Point

Create centerpieces that would catch an attention. But make sure to not overdo it, just enough for your guest to appreciate the beauty that’s being presented to them. You can use classic Christmas colors a fresh update by mixing velvety red with chartreuse green on a punchbowl.

#10. Mason Jars as Snow Globe

This is more of creativity and art at its finest! Instead of buying snow globes in department stores, why don’t you try making one for yourself and use them as decorations at home for Christmas? Aren’t this adorable?

What are your other Christmas décor ideas? Share them up on the comment section below!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

8 Disposable Household Products That You Can Reuse at Home!

You have a lot of stuff at home in one of the prestigious Rockwell condominiums, and you do not know which ones to keep and put away. Wondering what items you can recycle especially those disposable objects that are present in your midst. Yes, these items may come cheap and very much convenient but there is such cost associated with throwing all that material. So instead of throwing them out, you can still make use of those things in the most possible way.

Here are some eight things that we can think of:

#1: Plastic Cups

They are usually used during parties wherein you would really need for a whole lot of crowd as well, especially if you are living in Ayala Bonifacio Global City, where parties are really often. These items may be too overrated because they can be bought anywhere, yet they really come in handy when the time comes. If you have a lot of these at home, you can reuse them as containers for your sewing items or you can make a DIY project out of it. As long as it won’t include burning up, that would be all right.

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#2: Milk Cans

These are good for plant containers as these can be displayed in your garden area. Put some holes at the bottom of the can to give in some air and to let the water out whenever you water your plant. You can also paint those cans according to the colors you want that would suit your imagination too!

#3: Soda Plastic Bottles

You can make use of these materials as another container for smaller items at home. And just like that of milk cans, you can use half of the plastic bottle as container for plants. Cut the bottle in half, crosswise and dump in some soil. Redecorate those plastic bottles with paint and some artsy ideas that you can come up with to make it look more presentable and nice!

#4: Ziplock bags

Some use ziplocks as containers of their food, some would use if for crafty stuff, safekeeping and other else. You can always choose to keep these bags and reuse them for further purposes. You can also opt to washing these bags and reuse them over and over again until they fall apart.

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#5: Aluminum Foils

Tin foils can be reused to cover up items such as casseroles. But don’t you know there are other ways you can make use of these aluminum foils? If you are throwing in a party, you can always reuse foils as holiday decoration (especially now that the holidays are coming), use them scraper whenever you are washing your glassware (in place of a steel-wool soap pad) or as a wrinkle remover especially when you are ironing out those silks, wool and rayon clothes. You can even use these foils as funnels! Aren’t these amazing ideas?

#6: Junk Food Wrappers

If you are much into eating junk food, chances are, you will be throwing those wrappers away. But this cheat would give you more of an idea of how you could recycle these wrappers into—pillows. Well, the stuff inside the pillow instead of using the usual feathers or foams. You can make throw pillows out of them to save you from buying one and for you to be more creative and crafty.

#7: Plastic Cutlery

Those things that you get from taking out food from fast-food chains might be of great use to you in the future. If you have been keeping those things, well you might be able to use them on summer outings with your friends and family! Or you can make some DIY projects out of these such as wall clocks.

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#8: Paper Coffee Filters

If you’re a coffee junkie and fond of brewing your own coffee, you would be using paper coffee filters. But what if you wanted to get rid of those but having second thoughts of maybe using it for another cause? Well, one tip would be using it (and the coffee grounds) in the base of a flowerpot. It will act as fertilizer and will also prevent soil from leaking through the drain holes and make a mess. With this idea, it would only save you from using fertilizers for your plants but you can also help the environment!

How about you? What items do you use more than once that might help others too? Share your thoughts!