Friday, February 17, 2017

5 Simple Tricks For a Bedroom Makeover

"My bedroom is my sanctuary. It's like a refuge, and it's where I do a fair amount of designing – at least conceptually, if not literally." – Vera Wang

Whether you are aware of it or not, a happy and productive life starts in your bedroom? Perhaps, as a kid, you may not care about how messy your room can get. As you grow older, you'll realize that having a sleep sanctuary is essential to living a better life. After all, your bedroom is where you begin and conclude every single day. Keeping your room clean, tidy, and organized would make a sleep sanctuary. Whether you're living in a real estate Cebu, there's no reason for you not to have a charming bedroom.
So, to give you an idea, we list down some simple tricks for you on how to make your room a sleep sanctuary. Here's how:
1. Start an idea book and create a floor plan
To create a view room, you need to have an inspiration on what you want to have or do with your room. Perhaps, you can gather some inspirational images and collect the best in an idea book. By getting some inspiration from different images, you will eventually know what you want to do. And once you have the general view of your design, you can now start arranging or renovating your room. Moreover, having an inspiration will help you choose which design will suit your taste and for your bedroom.
2. Decide which furniture to keep
Bedroom makeover would also mean deciding which furniture you have in your room to keep. Of course, you are not going to put all your furnishings in one place. Right? This will only make the room look congested. That is why it is necessary for you o know what furniture is best for your room. Moreover, before you buy anything new, consider updating your existing furniture with fresh paint or knobs. With this, you are not just saving a lot of money, but you are also saving some space for your room.
3. Shop for new items
If you do not have any old furniture that you can reuse or recycle, you can look for fresh and new pieces that can be used in your room. Moreover, you can have small side tables, cushions, throw blankets, lamps, and small-scale armchairs to add a welcoming ambiance whenever you come into your room.
4. Try a small DIY project
An excellent way to decorate your home is to make it personal. That means, incorporating creativeness in your project would make a great room. Perhaps, you can have some old things that you might want to recycle and make it into something useful for your room. Give it a touch of your personality. With this, you can do the things that are on your mind.
5. Think about color and lighting
When it comes to bedroom makeover, you do not just think about its design but also its color and light. Whether you realize it or not, these will give your room an in-depth. But before you decide to buy paint enough for the whole room, you can use extra-large paint swatches or get sample-size amounts to trying out colors directly on the wall to prevent any costly mistakes. Moreover, the right lighting can instantly make the biggest change in your room. That means, you also have to be mindful when choosing the right lighting fixtures that will look good in your room. Perhaps, you can add some ambiance with cafe lights strung across the ceiling, and install some dimmer switch for an overhead fixture.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Why House Rentals Have Now Become more Popular than Brand New Purchase

To many Filipinos, the idea of 'dreaming big' has long been instilled in our mindset ever since we were kids. A lot of people equate success with acquiring properties, and to the younger generation, being able to achieve these things at an earlier age is way better.

Of course, real success isn't just measured through material possessions. In fact, different cultures and beliefs have their unique means of evaluating success. In most culture, however, dreaming big means acquiring something tangible – something you can be proud of. And among the most popular things to own is a personal home.

Who doesn't want to have his or her own house?

A lot of us do. Why not? If we have a house, we can do anything we want without having to worry about other people telling us some rules and policies we must follow. But while owning a home seemed like the best way to take up a peaceful residence, it doesn't seem to be gaining much popularity as of late.

With the rising cost of real estate, more people are now looking at home rentals as a better alternative. Below are some specific reasons why renting has now become a more preferable option than buying a brand new property.

No need for maintenance or repair expenses

This is perhaps the most popular advantage that rentals have. When you rent, the landlord shoulders the need for repairs and maintenance of the place. You can leave common issues like broken faucet, leaking pipes, burnt out light bulb and all to the owner of the property. There is no need to hassle yourself with the need to pay for anything.

Free access to luxury amenities

This is very much apparent especially to properties like a condo unit for rent in Makati. Instead for individually paying for usage of pool, fitness gym, golf course and any other entertainment facilities, the rental package already includes free usage of these services. With the fix amount you pay regularly, you already get to enjoy these added services anytime.

No need to pay for real estate taxes

Buying a new home also means that you have to shoulder the corresponding tax associated with the property. The bigger it is, the larger will be tax requirement. This can eventually be a financial burden especially when you plan to expand your property in the future as this would mean increase in tax payment too. Renting, on the other hand, will do away with this financial hassle.

No more issues about huge down payment

Whether you rent or buy a new house, a down payment is necessary. But between the two, a brand new purchase undeniably requires bigger amount. More often than not, renting a property only requires you to give a down payment good for a month's stay. Buying a new home on the other hand will require prospect owners to pay a certain percentage of the full price of the property, which is ALWAYS way bigger than the ones you pay for renting.

No more worries about the decreasing property market value

They say that real estate is a dynamic market, and investing on it is a wise choice. However, there isn't any guarantee that one's property will keep its market value for years to come. The changing market can dictate the amount of tax or mortgage you pay over time. Renters on the other hand don't have to worry about such complex computations and huge payment since the landlords are the ones responsible for handling the bills.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming to own a house. However, it's important to be rational and consider the practicality of your decision before making any purchase especially as big as a house and lot. Consider your needs and weigh your options well. Will you and your family do better if you buy that new home or will renting be a better choice?