Friday, April 24, 2015

5 Ways to Protect your Home from Burglar while on a Summer Vacation

Travelling and/or going to places that we want to go is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about spending our summer vacation. Of course, we all want to have an exciting and enjoyable vacation. Right? That also means, we are leaving behind our homes in Amaia scapes if we want to go somewhere.
Most of the times, if not always, we tend to leave our house without someone to guard it. We tend to be confident and complacent on our surroundings, knowing that there will be no burglar in our community. Well, who knows?

Those people that do not take extra careful when it comes to guarding their house is most likely be the one of the victims in the burglary. Of course, we all don’t want that to happen in our homes, right? So to take a cautious against these incidents, here are some tips for you to have a peace of mind while being away from your home.

  1. Secure your doors with heavy duty locks
To make sure that your doors are not easy to break in, you have to use heavy duty locks in all of your entry points. You have to secure doors at the entrance, and don’t forget including the back door, if you have one. Using of heavy duty locks helps your door tightly locked up. It works especially when burglars would definitely find it hard to break into your house since you are using heavy duty locks.
If you are a person who wishes to secure their doors with a tight lock, you can also have a double lock on your doors. In that way, there will be no way burglar would find it easy to get inside considering the locks that you put up on your doors.

  1. Double check your windows/attic/manhole
Most burglars, if not all, knows how to enter into your house using your windows. They know how to adjust their body just to fit into your windows. Not just through your windows, burglars find opportunities to break into your house through the attic and/or through your manhole. They are clever and will do things for as long as they can get and have something out of your house.

Double checking our windows/attic/manhole would not take long of your time. You have to make sure that everything is tightly locked up. In doing that, you will at least have a peace of mind knowing that you have already checked your windows and making sure that they are all locked.

  1. Have a CCTV or an alarm system in your house
If you are really not sure about how secure and safe your surroundings are, then it is your call to have a CCTV or an alarm system installed in your house. It may cost you a little, but it is still for your own safety.

When you these security gadgets in your home, it is easier to find and identify the culprits that temps to break into your house. Especially in times when you notice that they are suspicious people roaming around your community, you can easily figure out who these people are.

  1. Secure and hide valuable things
All of us have our own valuable things. We have our laptop, smartphones and/or any expensive gadgets that we owned. Sometimes, we don’t usually bring these gadgets when we have our vacation considering the fact that we can’t attend our things all the time.

If you plan to leave your valuable things at home, you have to make sure that it is hidden in a place where one would not notice that you were hiding something in there. You have to trick the burglar’s eyes that they will not expect and suspect anything.

  1. Assign a trusted someone to guard your house
Having someone to guard your house is a better idea to make sure that your house is tightly guarded. When burglars know that there is someone in your house guarding, they will not take a risk breaking into your house. Burglars will also take caution when it comes to the people who are in charge of the house.

When you have a trusted someone in your house, they just don’t guard your house, but they will also come in handy in times when you need them, especially emergency calls. Before you go on a summer vacation, instruct first the person who will be in charge in guarding your house on what to do to ensure safety for them and for the house.

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