Saturday, January 30, 2016

4 Tips to Create a Restful Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Agee? Who wouldn't? It is where you can have a good rest from a stressful day at work or in at school. The bedroom is also where you can do your personal activities. Of course, even if you're living in the suites at One Bonifacio High Street, there is still no excuse where you can't have and create a restful bedroom.

Basically, creating a comfortable bedroom is not that hard as you think it is. For as long as you know what are the basic arrangements, or things you should do to make to achieve a nice and cozy bedroom, then you're ready to go. Moreover, you don't have to make a lot of fuss on how can you do since it is simple enough for you to it on your own.

Well, if you are one of those homeowners who wants to have and create a restful bedroom, then here are some tips for you below. And of course, these tips are simple and doable enough for you to have.

1. Clear the clutter
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Whether you agree with me on this or not, having a cluttered room is also a sign of a cluttered mind. Yes! Since there is too much stuff in your room, it also affects the flow of a serene space, and it doesn't go well with any design concept of a restful bedroom. Well, if you don't want to be such person, then you better start cleaning and decluttering your things inside your room. With this, you will have a clearer view on what your room is going to be all about.

Additionally, take the time to think which of your things need to be thrown away and which that are still useful and should be kept. This is also one way to downsize your things that are not really useful on your part.

2. Soothe with a calm color palette
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Colors are also important in your bedroom. Of course, if you mix colors that are not matched with another, it will definitely be not nice to look at. Moreover, colors do not just add beauty to your room, it also gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation if the colors use in your bedroom is pleasing enough to the eyes.

Generally, if you want to have a calming ambiance in your room, you have to avoid bold colors such as red, green or yellow. But instead, you can use shades to give accent to your calming paint choice.

3. Total texture
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To obtain a realizing or restful bedroom, it is not just about the color that you used. It is also about the texture of things you include. Well, you can have a soft pillow, dreamy duvets, and cozy throw blankets to add some textures to it. Moreover, if you are not keen when it comes to the textures of the things inside your room, you may not have a comfortable rest in your room.

Well, if you don't have any of those things, there are already a lot of stores that sells good texture things for your room. Of course, choose the affordable ones yet still have a good quality on. With that, you don't just have nice and warm furniture, you can also save money out from it.

4. Go stress-free with a sitting area
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Instead of having the usual chair in your bedroom, you can have a couch for sitting area. Of course, this is also one of the many ways you can still have restful bed sheets even if you are just reading your book, or having a cup of coffee or tea. Moreover, this is also where you can let your visitors sit if you want them to go visit you in your bedroom

Friday, January 29, 2016

10 Heart Warming Bedroom Ideas For Valentine's Day

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The most awaited day for most couples is almost near. This is the time when you can show your feelings in a most romantic way ever than any other ordinary days. Some of you here have already plans for their dates while other couples are still thinking about what to do on that special day. Well perhaps, a romantic dinner for two or even a double date with your best friend is the usual things most couples or lovers do.

However, thinking about romantic things with your partner can sometimes be daunting and frustrating. Of course, you have to think about things you can do to make him/her happy. You also have to be considerate when it comes to his/her likes and dislikes. When you don't, then Valentine's Day this year might not be your special day. And I'm sure you definitely don't want to have an unromantic event of the year, right? That is why, even just a simple yet heart-warming bedroom idea, you can already make them feel the thrill and excited.

Decorating your bedroom for Valentine's Day is not as hard as you think it is. For as long as you know what you want to have in your bedroom, then you definitely know what you want to do with it. Well, even if you are living in Bonifacio Global City condo, romantic decorating is within your reach. And to give some ideas, below are some things you can apply if you don't have any idea about decorating such.

1. Lighting

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Choosing a good lighting is a must. The lights can spice up the romance in both of you. Moreover, try to avoid too much light, it will only kill the momentum. Make the lighting soft or dim yet still can illuminate the room.

2. Candles
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Aside from the lightings that you have in your bedroom, candles can also evoke feelings of intimacy. Especially when you use scented candles gives the room the atmosphere of romance. Just make sure you put the candles in a safe place to avoid accidents.

3. Mirrors
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Some of you here might not give importance to mirrors. The mirror reflects the soft lights which also help give more depth to your bedroom.

4. Window curtains
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Window curtains are also an important factor when decorating your bedroom. It helps prevent noises or curb lights from the outside that distracts your momentum. Moreover, make sure to match your curtains with the beddings to add an appealing beauty to the room.

5. Bedding
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A good bed is the pivotal point of the whole d├ęcor in your bedroom. It is one of the musts-haves to impress your partner. You can use silk and satin which are the perfect fabrics for your bed. Moreover, a good bedding will give you a relax and comfortable use of the bed.

6. Canopy (optional)
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Adding a canopy in your bedroom may be optional, but it definitely adds beauty and romantic ambiance to the place. Moreover, having it can also give a more spacious feel of the room.

7. Flowers and Petals
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This is one of the common things if you want the night to more romantic. You can spread some love with petals all over the bed or even on the floor. It doesn't just add beauty, it also gives a romantic and pleasant feel on the place.

8. Wine
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Some couples don't care about drinking while having an intimate chat, but wines can also help set up the mood for more romantic ambiance in the room. Of course, make it less alcoholic for you to enjoy the night and not being drunk.

9. Romantic music

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Aside from all heart-warming decorations, you already have, you should not forget to have the music. Obviously, playing romantic music can definitely set you in a mood for romance. Just make sure you're playing a soft romantic music for as not to ruin the mood.

10. Cut the down expenses
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Yes, this is a special day. And it only happens once every year. But it doesn't mean you'll going to spend all of your money just to pull off the romantic decorations you want to have for your partner. You will eventually realize the next morning that you don't have enough budget to pay all your bills and your other expenses. It's not a good idea.

You can have your romantic night without any expensive decorations. All you have to do is make use of what is available and be creative enough to turn it into something that can be of use. With that, you will have a good and happy memories without any problems at all.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

What Makes Davao City Livable?

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If you are looking for a place where safe and business-friendly is rest assured, then you might want to invest and live in Davao City. Some of you here might be wondering about why Davao, when there are also a lot of places in the Philippines that are safe to live. However, when we talk about the safest and peaceful place in the country, Davao City is known for that. It doesn't matter if you live in Davao apartments, you can still experience the life you wanted to have.

Yes, there are also pros and cons when you choose to live in Davao City, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy life. Well, if you are one of those people who are planning to find a place to live yet still undecided on to where then living in Davao City might be a match with your lifestyle.

Peace and order

Again, if you are looking for a place where there is an assurance of peace and order, then you better choose to live in Davao City. With its 0.8 crime rate, who would not be tempted to live in such safe place, right? Moreover, the city doesn't just have a low crime rate, but it also run successful 911 central communications and emergency response system. Of course, they respond immediately whenever any accidents happened.


You don't have to worry about where and what mode of transportation you're going to use since there are a lot of ways to reach your destination. With its strategic location, you can quickly access Davao City via air, land, and sea travel. The busiest and has regularly scheduled flights to Manila and Singapore is in Francisco Bangoy International Airport. And if you are also planning to travel via land, it is also made easy by the Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway. The city is also connected to Cebu, Manila, and other major seaports by roll-on or roll-off interisland ferries.

A responsive and forward-looking local government

Unlike other cities in the country, the local government in Davao City are responsive when it comes to the welfare of their citizens. They make sure they can immediately respond to the needs of their people. Moreover, the officials are also supportive when there are some developmental projects such as modernization of infrastructure of the city's international airport, roads, bridges, and seaports. Of course, they also maintain and make sure that these projects would be done as soon as possible so that it can already be of use.

Business competitiveness

If you think that Davao City doesn't have any livelihood, then you better think again. The rates of public utilities, real estate, accommodations, rental for commercial spaces, raw materials, labor and other business needs are comparatively cheaper in Davao City than any other place in the country – that is according to Davao Hive Philippines. That is why, if you want to buy something, it is also to your advantage since the things in there are cheap. Of course, even if it is cheap you can also guarantee the quality of the product.

Moreover, Davao City is also a nice place to do business. Since there are a lot of business establishments where you can put your company, you also don't have to worry about the place and the rent.

Regional center of southern Philippines

Of course, Davao is not just the center of business and finance, it is also the center for education. Davao City has the top five universities in the Philippines. That includes the Davao campus of the University of the Philippines, in addition to numerous tertiary education centers and colleges. And of course, the city also has a well-known bank such as One Network Bank, the Philippines' largest rural bank regarding assets, is based.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

For Homeowners: What to Expect During Your 5 Years of Owning a Home

If you think that expecting something can only hurt you, then you better think again. In fact, expectations can also be normal on our part. And as a homeowner, expecting the things that would probably happen during your five years of owning and staying at home can help you prepare the things that need for you to use. And whether you like it or not, repairs at home is also inevitable whether you are living in Amaia condo Cubao or any other properties in the Philippines.

Ok, let's just admit! Not all of us here would like to expect something that isn't happening yet, right? That is why, most of them do panic whenever something they don't expect. However, if you know that something such happen, then you know what and what's not to do when it comes to fixing your home.

Well, if you are one of those homeowners who are curious about on what to expect, then below are some of the things that might help you get ready especially when it comes to home repairs.

1. Leaky faucets, running toilets

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You might not want to experience repairing such leaky faucets and running toilets, right? And not all of us here know how to repair those damages. I know, fixing these stuff is annoying since you have to deal with dirty and smelly water and all. That is why, you already have to know on what and what you should not do when you experience this. Of course, you don't want to make more damage. Right?
For you to successfully repair such, you have to know the basics. Or if not, you better hire someone or a professional who knows better when it comes to the repairs and all.

 2. Peeling cracked paint and siding

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Of course, this, if you are not keen about what color you used when you first paint your home, you also have to expect a peeling, cracked paint and siding. Well, if you notice that the paint on your house is already peeling, then you better find quality paint. Make sure that you apply the paint correctly for as not to have some Peelings on your walls.

If you don't know anything about how to paint it correctly, then you better find or hire a professional to do the work to make sure that you will have a good and satisfying outcome. Do not do things on your own especially if you don't know anything about it at all. It will only cost you a lot more.

3. Jammed disposal

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It is a must in your community or even as a homeowner that disposal of your garbage should be in a proper way or method. Of course, this is to prevent any troubles when it comes to your wastes. Moreover, most communities are particular in that particular policy since they know that if garbage is not properly disposed of, it is not good for the environment and the community.

However, if the disposal of your garbage is jammed or clogged, you might be fixing it on your own or call some help to the people who knows better. Or even hire a professional for you to fix it. Again, don't do things on your own if you don't know anything about it at all, it will only cost you. Better save it and hire someone. With that, it makes the work easier and faster.

4. Nail pops

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This is dangerous if you don't notice it on your home. This can be the reason of your injuries or a severe wound. Before you let your kids roam around the house, make sure that there will be no nail pops around the corner. It is dangerous. When you find one, make sure to get it or simply punch to drive the nail deeper. With that, it will be safe for you kids.

5. Concrete cracks

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Cracks on walls are dangerous especially when there are earthquakes. A little shake on your home might cause more damages to your home if not taken care of immediately. Of course, if you want to be safe while living, then don't wait for cracks to widen. You should always think safe at all times.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

5 Secrets to Have a Good Luck Home

We all want to be lucky in everything we do, right? Who would not want that? And as a homeowner, not just being lucky on the things that happen to us, we also want our humble home to be a lucky charm for us. Of course, it is in our home where we start the vibes we have all throughout the day. And if you are not happy with the ambiance of your home, then you will also most likely don't have any enthusiasts to do things passionately. Well, it doesn't matter where you live, be it in Ayala Land Premier Condominium Makati, or any other real estate properties in the Philippines, we all want to have a happy home. Right?

There are a lot of ways on how you can have a good luck home. Some of you here might have been planning to seek a professional Fung Shui master while others are buying a lot of good luck things or charms for their home. Well, having a good luck home is basically should not be expensive. In fact, even with the simple things you do at home can already be a good luck charm for you and your home.

Well, if you are one of those homeowners who want to have a good luck home yet don't want to spend too much, below are some secrets you might want to know and apply for your home.

1. Fresh flowers

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Having fresh flowers in your home is one of the common good luck charms most people believe. Of course, fresh means having new beginnings and new opportunities to come. Displaying flowers bring luck to you and your home. Just make sure that your flowers are not thorny, for it is believed that thorny stems can stop the flow of chi. So, no thorns. If they do, then make sure to cut those thorn before displaying it at home.

2. Painted door

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It is believed that front doors can also bring good luck to your home. Whenever you enter through your front door, you are entering a new opportunity in your life. Of course, the color of your door also matters. Usually, if your door is facing to the south, you should paint your door with a red or orange color. If it is facing to the north, then you should paint your door with blue or black. When you door is facing in the west, then the color of your door should most likely be gray or white, and if you have an east-facing doors, then coloring it with brown or green is advisable to bring good luck.

3. Furniture arrangement

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If you think that you can arrange your furniture wherever you want to be, then you better think again. If you are serious about having a good luck at your home, then there are particular arrangements of your furniture that you need to follow. It is believed that if you arrange your furniture in the living room in a circular formation, you are allowing the energy to flow smoothly into the area. And when it comes to your room, your bed should be placed diagonally from the bedroom door. With that arrangement, you are allowing good luck things to come into your room.

4. Horseshoes
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Some of you here might not know that horseshoes can also bring good fortune to your home. But there are already cultures that adapts the belief the horseshoes is one of the lucky charms when they have it at home. Well, there is a caveat, though, be careful on how you arrange the horseshoes. It is believed that when it is pointing upwards, it will ensure that the luck doesn't run out. However, if the horseshoe is pointing downwards, then it is believed that the fortune will "fall" on whoever goes through the doorway.

5. Dream catcher

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It is one of the most simple lucky charms that you should have at home. It is believed that dream catchers that are hung in the bedroom can protect you from bad dreams. And of course, it will also catch your desired dreams and make it come true.

These things above may bring us luck in so many ways. But it is also in our attitude towards the people around us that makes a difference. If you want to have some good luck or good vibes, then you better start the way you treat your home. With that positive attitude, the rest will follow.