Thursday, August 6, 2015

How long can your Home Decor last?
There are some of you here might wonder whether or not decorations really last long. If so, how long? That is the question most of the people usually ask whenever they decorated their homes in Amaia homes with something that they want to put. Of course, as a homeowner, you should make your home a place where you can be proud of. Who doesn’t?

In a home décor, there are particular trends that are flash in a pan – here today, and gone tomorrow. Some of you here might enjoy the decorations that were put in your house even with the short period of time. However, there are also some home decorations that are trendy yet they stick around a lot longer and end up becoming the iconic and/or favourite accessories of a time period.

Well, if you are one of those people who cares about a long lasting home décor, here are some list of home decorations that you want to have in your home with a long lasting trends. Also, these kinds of trends are popular with a reason. It can adapt to any other type of home decorations and/or personal sense of style. 

Colorful accent furniture
When it comes to the color of your furniture, it will never be out of style. Of course, it is the type of color that you want to have in your house. Others don’t have anything to care about, every color is also a trend. Moreover, when it comes to a contemporary, eclectic, coastal, industrial, you name it – and add in a splash of color by way of an accent piece of furniture and you’ve got an instant eye catchy furniture in your home. 

Black and white
The classic combination isn’t likely to go out of style. The black and white accessories and/or furniture in your home adds a grounding element to a space, not to mention a little bit of sophistication and even drama. Whether you prefer a contemporary, a high contrast look of an all black and white room, or the romantic, French feel of black and white toile paired with a vintage pieces, then you will definitely going to love the style it can make. 

When it comes to choosing the right shape and style of a particular furniture, it is best for you to choose the one that is nice and elegant to look at. Whatever shape that you want to have, whether if it is an angular, faceted shapes such as triangles, prisms, and octagons, they are all over fabric prints and rugs, and it can even dominate art and light fixtures. Homes with accessories with geometric shapes are sophisticated for their clean lines, yet can have a playful feel as well. 

Statement mirrors
When it comes to the decorations of your home, there will always be some mirrors to be included inside your house. Of course, if you don’t have a mirror inside your home, it will be quite be boring to look at. Mirrors have the ability to reflect space and light, and there are few secrets to using them for maximum impact. When you use the mirror correctly, it will definitely give you a satisfying feeling whenever you are in your home. Of course, mirrors can also reflect your personal style perfectly, making this trend worth a second look. 

Thrifty style
When we have our home, it is just a norm to decorate it the way we wanted it to be. Home decorations can have a huge impact with the world around us. For instance, in relation to the way we decorate our homes, there is a correlation. So, whether you attempt to DIY some projects, shop at the home decoration stores, or buy some items from a flea market or yard sale to fix up and call you own, these thrifty ways to feather or nests are not only popular, they are the only way for some.

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