Thursday, January 7, 2016

5 Secrets to Have a Good Luck Home

We all want to be lucky in everything we do, right? Who would not want that? And as a homeowner, not just being lucky on the things that happen to us, we also want our humble home to be a lucky charm for us. Of course, it is in our home where we start the vibes we have all throughout the day. And if you are not happy with the ambiance of your home, then you will also most likely don't have any enthusiasts to do things passionately. Well, it doesn't matter where you live, be it in Ayala Land Premier Condominium Makati, or any other real estate properties in the Philippines, we all want to have a happy home. Right?

There are a lot of ways on how you can have a good luck home. Some of you here might have been planning to seek a professional Fung Shui master while others are buying a lot of good luck things or charms for their home. Well, having a good luck home is basically should not be expensive. In fact, even with the simple things you do at home can already be a good luck charm for you and your home.

Well, if you are one of those homeowners who want to have a good luck home yet don't want to spend too much, below are some secrets you might want to know and apply for your home.

1. Fresh flowers

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Having fresh flowers in your home is one of the common good luck charms most people believe. Of course, fresh means having new beginnings and new opportunities to come. Displaying flowers bring luck to you and your home. Just make sure that your flowers are not thorny, for it is believed that thorny stems can stop the flow of chi. So, no thorns. If they do, then make sure to cut those thorn before displaying it at home.

2. Painted door

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It is believed that front doors can also bring good luck to your home. Whenever you enter through your front door, you are entering a new opportunity in your life. Of course, the color of your door also matters. Usually, if your door is facing to the south, you should paint your door with a red or orange color. If it is facing to the north, then you should paint your door with blue or black. When you door is facing in the west, then the color of your door should most likely be gray or white, and if you have an east-facing doors, then coloring it with brown or green is advisable to bring good luck.

3. Furniture arrangement

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If you think that you can arrange your furniture wherever you want to be, then you better think again. If you are serious about having a good luck at your home, then there are particular arrangements of your furniture that you need to follow. It is believed that if you arrange your furniture in the living room in a circular formation, you are allowing the energy to flow smoothly into the area. And when it comes to your room, your bed should be placed diagonally from the bedroom door. With that arrangement, you are allowing good luck things to come into your room.

4. Horseshoes
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Some of you here might not know that horseshoes can also bring good fortune to your home. But there are already cultures that adapts the belief the horseshoes is one of the lucky charms when they have it at home. Well, there is a caveat, though, be careful on how you arrange the horseshoes. It is believed that when it is pointing upwards, it will ensure that the luck doesn't run out. However, if the horseshoe is pointing downwards, then it is believed that the fortune will "fall" on whoever goes through the doorway.

5. Dream catcher

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It is one of the most simple lucky charms that you should have at home. It is believed that dream catchers that are hung in the bedroom can protect you from bad dreams. And of course, it will also catch your desired dreams and make it come true.

These things above may bring us luck in so many ways. But it is also in our attitude towards the people around us that makes a difference. If you want to have some good luck or good vibes, then you better start the way you treat your home. With that positive attitude, the rest will follow.

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