Wednesday, May 6, 2015

5 Common Things You Will See in a Filipino Home

We Filipinos have a lot in common. Of course, we definitely can  trace back the history of our ancestors. With the given trait that we have inherited from, we can’t deny that we are fun of having and keep the same things in our house in Amaia scapes and any other Philippine properties that most Filipinos are staying.

The common things that we have at home and any other homes are not just for fun and/or just because they have some value to it, but also, the things that we usually keep are also useful in our daily life. It doesn’t need to be expensive, for as long as it has a touch of a Filipino culture and is still using it up until now.

Here are some things that you have in your house that can also be found in other houses whenever you try visiting their place. Well, hand up if you have these kinds of things in your house.

1. Recycled ice cream containers
We Filipinos just love to eat ice cream. Well, we can say that ice cream is one of the most favorite desert one usually want to eat. Since there are a lot of ice cream flavors that we can choose from, we want to eat ice cream again and again. With that, there will be a lot of ice cream containers that are available in our house.

Usually, we don’t throw ice cream containers. We recycle it. In what way? Well, you can use it as one of your storages of the things that you want to keep safe. You can store some canned goods in the ice cream container if you want, and/or any other things that you want to make out for that container.

2. Newspapers
Admit it! Even if we already have our flat TV screens, our parents and/or grandparents still would prefer reading newspapers every day. Perhaps, there are things that they want to read where they cannot read and/or find it on the television. Of course, would not want to answer the crossword puzzle found mostly on some pages at the back portion of the newspaper?

Also, newspapers are not just for reading. Most Filipinos would also recycle it and make it as one of the wrappers of their glass or even do some rug out of the newspaper. That is how creative Filipinos are when it comes to recycling things.

3. Used plastic bottles
Hands up if you have a plastic full of used plastic bottles in your house! We Filipinos love to collect plastic bottles. Some of them would recycle it and made it into a flower vase or any other container for their storages. While the reason for some of the Filipinos behind collecting used plastic bottles is that, they can make some money out of it. They will sell it to the people who accepts plastic bottles.

Usually, you will find used plastic bottles in the your backyard and even sometimes in the kitchen where our parents and/or grandparents usually keep their kitchen stuffs.

4. Electric fan

Some would say, you are not a Filipino is you don’t have an electric and/or ceiling fan at home. Yes. This is one of the most common things that we can find in every Filipino home. Even if we have our air condition, sometimes we still would prefer using of electric fans.

No matter what kind of electric fan that you have at home, whether it is a small one or the bigger/tall ones, it is still considered as one of the things that we have in common with the other Filipinos.

5. Canned goods
This will never be out of our grocery checklist. We usually store canned goods in our kitchen, even if our refrigerator is full of meat, vegetable and any other food that we want to eat, there will always be canned goods placed in one of our kitchen drawers. Well, canned goods can really save us whenever we are out of food budget and we still don’t have enough money or time to have some groceries. Canned goods are also delicious to eat.

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