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What Kind of House Type Fits for You and Your Family?

Buying a home is one of the most critical decisions one has to make especially when comfort and safety are two of the top priorities to consider in to. It also depends on how big of a family you are, or if you are only living on your own. Actually, there are a lot of options to choose from given that real estate ventures are currently sprouting here in the Philippines. Some of them are Rockwell condominiums and Ayala condos, to name a few. It is important to know what you want and see if the options you have can suffice to your needs.

Choosing the kinds of house types is very much essential because it will give you an idea of how you are going to arrange your home, not mentioning the number of people who will be living in.

In order for you to eliminate confusion, here are the following common types of houses for you to check on and see how things will go well for you:


This type of house is classically defined as a one-story building. Normally, a bungalow type of house is often associated to the working class people or to couples who are still starting out a new home. Also, this type of house is associated with small square footage, thus making it quite small. Though there are also bungalow houses available that are larger, thus making them as newer bungalows. Generally, it does not have a basement and goes on cheaper and affordable.

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Single Detached

A type of house that is literally not attached to any building or another house and stands on its own. It is structurally separated from neighboring houses and is often surrounded by an open land. A bungalow or a cottage can be termed as a single detached house as long as it is not connected to another property through the same wall or tenement. This house is often good for a family because you can have the place for yourselves and you can even add a carport too!

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Often comes in the form of a two-story house where a common wall separates two areas. A duplex is a two-fold apartment or condominium where there are separate entrances for the dwelling units. This type of house can also be referred to as a semi-detached home. You can also add a carport by the side to keep your automobiles on safety.

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A townhouse refers to modern type of homes that are intentionally attached side by side in a row, thus sharing a common wall. This type of house is often located in the same area and has the same architectural design and appearance. Also called as row house, these houses are usually priced less than that of the single detached households located in closed subdivisions. Most often than not, you will be in contact with the neighborhood that you are in because the houses are sharing a common wall that more likely separates them.

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This is often a series of large rooms/units located in one building with amenities and facilities provided by the developer itself. Often they go as ready-for-occupancy, some often come as bare units for your own styling and designing. Condominium units are often located on high-end areas such as that of the Rockwell condominiums in Makati. These often go quite expensive perhaps because of the overlooking location and the ease of access the residents are going to deal with. With well-landscaped views and architectural structure, condominiums are obviously for those with high-end lifestyles.

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Knowing these different types, you may have an idea of what house you have in mind. Depending on your preferences and the comfort that works for you, then the abovementioned house types might be a great help for you.

If you have any more suggestions, the comment section is open for your ideas!

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