Monday, October 13, 2014

Trick or Treat: How To Make Your House Halloween Ready

Halloween is fast approaching and it is that time of the year again where your kids are excited to wear their best scary costumes (or their favorite ones), to roam around the neighborhood with their trick or treats baskets on hand and to just enjoy the sweets they will be getting afterwards. On your end, you would also wonder how you could keep up with the Halloween trend in terms of decorating that house you’ve got from one of the Rockwell townhouses. In this way, you could set the mood for a party in your house as well!

Decorate your front porch

Your porch should be scary to begin with since it is the entry to your home. It would not only add some spooky feels but it would make your guests more interested to know the insides of your home. Decorate your porch with some spider webs, some stuffed rats on the floor or a bucket of dead flowers to complete the creepy look. Pumpkins also help since this is the trademark commonly seen on Halloweens.

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Decorate your front door and window

By making your front door look spooky, add some elements like bat caricatures or cutouts and have them attached on the front. You can also add some lettering such as “Happy Halloween” or any kind of message that sends a tone for the occasion. For your windows, you can add fake spider webs to match the eerie feel of the occasion. Fake blood splattered right on your front door and a spooky doormat will definitely match your house set-up.

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Pimp your furniture to make it Halloween-ready

If you were fond of watching horror movies, this would be easier for you. Making your furniture look abandoned and creepy, you can cover them with white sheets. Couches and chairs covered with old sheets to achieve a look that your home hasn’t been touched for years will definitely score some spooky points! To carry goosebumps around the house, you can add fake skulls to complete the look.

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Play with your lights

To set the ambiance to an eerie atmosphere, play with your lights to achieve that spooky feel; just like that of the movies. Proper lighting helps set the mood, which makes it more interesting and exciting. By doing this, it would mean making your house dimmer to add suspense and thrill. The lesser light and proper set up, it will definitely leave your guests tensed.

To make it more interesting, you can tape plastic bats to the insides of the shade of an ordinary lamp to make the bats’ shadows stick out. You can also use candles or orange paper lanterns, draped around the house.

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Use jars for your creepy specimens

By using big jars, fill them with any unidentifiable items like an old doll’s arm, or its head, or anything that would add an element of surprise. You can also add some dead flowers or leaves or dead sticks. Fake eyeballs or body parts are also cool to pull of a creepy fa├žade.

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Pumpkins! They are definitely a must!

Of course, Halloween won’t be complete without the presence of a pumpkin patch. Use this to your advantage; whether it’s a real carved pumpkin spooky head or just a DIY-ed one, celebrating the goose bumps occasion with this is just the thrill. In anyway you want it to be, may it be pumpkins made of balloons hanged around or real hand picked pumpkins, painted in black and some other artsy way, your Halloween experience would definitely keep the hype up!

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Certainly, there is still quite a lot of Halloween preparation one might want to do, and the aforementioned are just some of the most common ideas you could do for this coming Halloween party or trick or treating you and your kids might want to have, the least. On the other hand, you can add up some more tips if you have some things in mind! Share away!  


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