Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10 Halloween Party Costume Themes You Can Do This 2014!

It’s that time of the year again where you can dress up like a creepy monster under the cabinet or a ghost lurking around the corner or perhaps, your favorite character on the movies and TV shows! Maybe you can plan this out with your Rockwell townhouses neighborhood and create that one Halloween party you will surely not forget.

Here are some awesome theme suggestions:

Doctor Who

Who would not want to look like the ever amazing, Doctor? With an epic spaceship such as the Tardis and a fancy sonic screwdriver as a weapon, one would show up evenly fantastic especially with a bow tie, or a coat and tie with red sneakers on. Or you would want to dress up like one of the Doctor’s companions such as that of Amy Pond, Donna Noble, Rose Tyler or the classic ones? And yes, how about his beloved Dalek enemies? There is much to choose from! And it just gets exciting as it is! Geronimo, Allons-y!

Game of Thrones

Dragons, swords, arrows and spears, not mentioning zombie-like White Walkers and wildlings, surely the award for the best costume will definitely go to you (as long as you can pull it off though). Pick up a GoT character like Jon Snow or Khal Drogo and for the females, as Cersei Lannister or the Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen. As for your house party, you can put up some props and decorative trinkets to make the gathering awesome as possible.

Harry Potter

This is one sure dress code anyone would love to wear. Aside from the fact that is has been this generation’s childhood, Harry Potter is loosely an easy theme to do because you can effortlessly find the costumes right on your home. Robes, school uniforms, a DIY wand and that lightning scar on your forehead would probably complete the look. Don’t forget the owls!

Star Wars

Princess Lea, Anakin Skywalker, Stormtroopers or even Darth Vader, this costume theme will set a standard to costume parties because this is just one classic motif you will be pulling off.

The Walking Dead

Zombies! Zombies all over! All you have to do is put on some make-up, help yourself in front of the mirror and make yourself the best good-looking zombie ever. As for your clothes, find some cheap garments or clothes you’ve not been wearing anymore and tear them out, enough to make you look creepy. And by completing, do that zombie walk graciously.

Sherlock Holmes

The most influential detective is out! Being Sherlock Holmes is just one of the best things one can be and the smartest looking one in a Halloween party (if you can pull it off). A scarf, a deerstalker hat and that stunning suit and coat to match will definitely make you one of the stars of the night! Don’t forget Dr. John Watson!

Breaking Bad

The oh-yes-so-dangerous team composed of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in the hit series, producing and selling crystalized meths. You can dress up like them and be as awesome as you can be, just be sure of not bringing meths around!

Alice in Wonderland

This is one telltale movie based on a story of a girl who shrunk and fell into a rabbit hole, befriending animals, a Cheshire cat, a rat, a Madhatter and eventually fighting alongside the White Queen against the evil Red Queen who always says “off with their heads!” Well, you can choose either which of the characters; I’d say the villain is more interesting to imitate because it is always the known one. 

Scooby Doo

Kids from the 90s would definitely know this one, not unless however you are a kid of the 2000s and your parents are just doing some good parenting, then you will surely have a chance to pull if off! You can show up as Fred or Shaggy or Velma and tag a pet of yours along as Scooby Doo? Awoo!

The Smurfs

Blue as they are, these are cute characters on the fun comedy comic-tv show turned movie and are very much easy to imitate! You can create these costumes by doing some DIY on extra blue fabrics you have at home and you are ready to go!

How about you? Do you have some fun costume themes to share?

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