Thursday, October 2, 2014

Maximizing Your Space at Home Should Be Quick and Easy!

Making use of your space at home but don’t know what and how to do it? Perhaps you have just newly bought a unit from one of the top Ayala condos in the metro and are thinking of what items to display and how to organize them properly. In this entry, we will be giving you a few ideas and suggestions on how you could go about with your space and what additional items you could probably showcase to make your home more refreshing and in style.

By decorating your house with these items, it would also mean you are sharing a dose of your personality which is a good thing because why not? It is your house after all.

Blank walls with artwork. Perhaps you are tired of staring at your blank wall or whenever you pass by it because of its very empty feel. Well, don’t fret! A blank wall can become a stylish nook if you try decorating it with your favorite artworks or photographs. Filling your home’s walls with art is one of the basic building blocks to decorating a sophisticated home. Designing your home is not a daunting task once you just know how to do it.

Bookshelf for mini library. A home with books would be a lovely façade. Having a tiny bit of space for a bookshelf filled with your favorite books cannot only catch one’s attention but would definitely give the room a feel of knowledge and boldness. This would also add to the colors of the room because of the book covers, matching it

Organized coffee table. You can place this in your living room to mark a creative as well as a relaxing space in your home. By doing so, you can arrange things to make it look more cute and stunning. Your favorite books and magazines, some crafty gems to add some color or a nifty vase to wrap up the look will make your coffee table appealing and would become a favorite place to hang out.

Multi-purpose tables. There are various tables that can be used for different reasons. Tables that are foldable are good to save up space in your home. At the same time, there are tables where you can use as a desk and a dining table when the need comes.

Mounting elements on the ceiling. Lamps can add up some creative element in your house when you use them on your ceiling. With sophisticated and unique designs, lamps will not only add a cozy feel to your home but also it will light up spaces in your house thus making it more illuminated.

Use stacking stands and racks. Cleaning up your home would mean keeping your stuff, if not the mess, in one place especially the ones you use occasionally. Your stacking stands and racks will do the magic by keeping the things in place. You can place a few of these in your corridors, by the door heading to your living room or to your bedroom. These items will make house ergonomic and cool at the same time.

Add curtains to your bathroom. Curtains will not only add a defining look to your room but at the same time, they might be a good match to the colors of your bathroom. When it comes to re-decorating interiors in attempt to eek out more of what it can offer, the bathroom should not be forgotten despite having it as a separate, yet important, entity. With well-designed curtains and a stylish bathtub, you will realize how easy you were able to transform that space into a modern hub.

Add plants and other green elements. Instead of putting a lot of glassware in your home, opt to decorate it with plants to keep the vibe refreshing. Pots will look classic especially when they have different intricate designs. You can place them on corners depending on their sizes.

These are just a few fun tips we think you can benefit from! If you have any more ideas, feel free to share them on the comment section below!

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