Friday, October 10, 2014

10 Ways to Decorate Your Living Room Creatively

10 Ways to Decorate Your Living Room Creatively
In your home, if there is a room that needs to be appreciated- that’s your living room.

It’s a place where in most cases, special occasions were celebrated and important gatherings of your love ones. So why not to find ways designing it?

Every one of us is dreaming to take a deeper nap in a most relaxing place where we can relieve all of our stress at work. Perhaps, there are lots of places where you can take rest but there’s no need to go to hotel just to experience comforting living room, even you, can have that at home where you can also have at least pick up a little hint of designs into any condos in Cebu but much better if you will have it in your own.

How to start decorating it in creative manners? Just throw away the queries that burden you and start out being unique with your own living room.

Your living room can give a warm welcome with its style and decor. You can always start off getting ideas for sofas, tables, window treatments, and more but don’t forget into more living room decorating ideas and inspiration by watching  amazing living room make overs so that you will be guided into restoring your ideas for you to make over your “family room”.

Below are the ways that will give you a little bit ideas on how to decorate your family room inventively:

1. Blend Stylishness and Comfort

There’s one thing to remember when designing your living room and that is, you have to be comfortable in the room and like the style since you will most likely be spending a lot of your time in the room together with you family. It’s better to have a cool living with enough light and dark curtains that can add calmness to your living area.

2. Use Unexpected Materials

You can add materials that can add in to the style of your living room. May be by putting a plate of fruits or putting 2-3 books and magazines on the table will do, so it won’t look boring at all. There are some living rooms where they designed their sofa with a different shape of colourful pillows and in that way it can add in beauty.


3. Decorate Naturally

 It’s not a necessary approach if you are going to design your living area into a stuffy one. Even simple designs will do in line with a perfect combination of colours and catchy designs on walls. By designing it innately, you can achieve simple yet catchy view in your living area.


4. Look for Inspiration in Unexpected Places

There are living areas that has attractive designs by the use of the things that inspired them. It’s like showing their interest at home by displaying frames with a photo of their favorite places, for their sofa that is also inspired by their favorite colors and etc. but more than that, some have different approach too.


5. Add Interest with Decorative Trim

The designer of this room added trim to the bottom of a basic sofa to dress it up and used a mix of custom pillows to pull colors from around the room. Combining different colors from your sofa to the other things in your living area is more attractive to view.


6. Hold onto Inspiring Samples

Keep a file of your favourite samples and inspirational images even if you can’t afford a makeover yet, or haven’t found the home of your dreams. You can always look into any home decorations magazine or at least upload some pictures of your ideal living room then you can have it as a basis of you own designs- Just have a unique and  at the same time a stunning one.


7. Decorate with Memories

Make your living room unique and nostalgic by using by displaying your family pictures and anything so important to you-much better than any other at least you are displaying good memories of your love ones.


8. Display Your Collection to Advantage

 If you have a lot of collections, always keep on displaying amazing things that overwhelm the space. Collect great paintings that will add in beauty into your room.
It’s more attractive and simply artistic.

9. Achieve Balance

Asymmetrical arrangements can be intimidating, but formal symmetry is easy to pull off and adds a calm balance to a room. The simple arrangement above this fireplace is clean and elegant.

10. Splash on the Color

Splattering a feminine color is one way to achieve a modernized view to your living room. Plus combining it with colorful stuffs and furniture, you can really view a calm and peaceful place out of this simple color.


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