Thursday, February 4, 2016

3 Best Ways to Keep a Long-lasting Roof

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Not all of us here are concerned with their roofs. Agree? And sad to say, we just don't give any interest in taking good care of our roof. Perhaps, we are too complacent of the installation of our roof to the extent where we just don't care about it at all. Yes, it's there and it gives us the protection that we need – so what? Some of you here don't know how hard to install and repair a roof since they didn't experience a damaged roof first hand. However, if you do, you'll go to take good care of it in anyways as possible.

Whether you are living in Amaia Homes or any other real estate properties, there is no reason for you not to take good care of it. Well, it doesn't literally mean that you're going to make it as your daily routine since it is also dangerous to go up and take good care of your roof – not a wise idea. But if you just know the things you should do to make your roof last, then it is definitely to your advantage.
Well, if you are one of those homeowners who don't know anything about taking good care of the roof, then below are some best ways to make and keep a long-lasting roof for your home. Of course, doing such ways is also to your personal advantage.

1. Material matters

Have your ever wonder how come other roofs are durable enough to last long while others are easily damaged? Then it is because they differ from their materials that were used to install in your house. When you have and use the right roofing materials, it doesn't matter if there will be storms and other unwanted climate change, it is still durable enough to hold those weather. Also, you have to make sure that when installing a roof, it should be both complementary to your home's architectural style to keep the roof last longer.

There are actually different kinds of roof materials:

Asphalt shingles: These are durable, easy to install and affordable. The use of asphalt shingles is one of the most common roofing materials used for most homeowners. Well, its durability will typically last about 25 years or more.

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Wood shingles and shakes: This kind of roofing material is uniformly machine-sawed, handmade shakes offer a more rustic exterior. Although wood shingles and shakes are popular for centuries, most Municipal forbids this kind of roofing material since it is not safe when it comes to fire accidents. Moreover, this roof would last longer for 25 years but is twice as pricey as asphalt roofing material.

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Tile, clay and cement: If you want to have a Spanish-style home, then this kind of roofing material may suit your taste. Of course, they are extremely durable and a fire resistant roofing materials. However, this is too expensive tripling the cost of the asphalt. But you can definitely expect a whopping 50 to 100 years of the life span of your roof.

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Slate: This kind of roofing material is usually heavy and is natural stone. This is also expensive costing 12 to 20 times the price of asphalt but is durable and lost-lasting enough with 100 years.
Aluminum, steel, and copper: choosing this kind of roofing material will give you a lot of advantages such as durability, lightweight, weather resistance, and fire resistance. This is also one of the most popular for most homeowners to use. This will also last for about 35 years.

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Synthetic, polymer, or composite: These man-made options will also give you a lot of advantages when you choose these roofing materials. Of course, the material is lightweight, durable and comparable in price to asphalt. This material will also last up to 50 years.

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2. Installation extras

Yes, the materials you choose for your roof also matters. But you also have to consider installing a few safeguards to avoid potential damage-including problems. Proper ventilation is one thing you should consider. Without it, the heat and moisture can build up under the roof causing a structural damage. That is why, it is important for you to install louvers, roof vents, and soffit vents that help prevent these kinds of issues.

Moreover, make sure to inspect some leaks, to prevent some certain joints to stagger and materials overlapping adequately.

3. Maintenance musts

Whatever roof you chose, there must be a regular maintenance. Again, you have to check or inspect any damages you observe on your roof. Don't wait something might happen to get your roof for repairs. Well, if you don't have any idea on how then you better hire a professional roofer to check if your roof has damaged or not. Of course, doing such will only protect you from harm and other unwanted situations that you definitely don't want to be into.

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  1. I had no idea people put slate tiles on their roof like that. I wouldn't get the wood, due to fire and other factors. It looks like the clay or cement ones are the best. They are the most sturdy, but I don't like the look of them. I would get the synthetic one because they last a 50 years.