Friday, September 19, 2014

Christmas Decoration: 10 Awesome Tips to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays!

The Yuletide season is almost coming and maybe you already are thinking of how to decorate your house in its most fancy way you could think of. Maybe you wanted to try another theme and you do not want to repeat what you did last year. People who are living in, for example, Ayala condos or Rockwell townhouses and residences, are probably in the shopping craze already. Well, let’s make that as an advantage! And in this entry, we will be sharing to you a few suggestions on what to decorate your home for this coming holiday season!

#1. Theme Your Entry with A Warm Welcome

Give your guests a very warm welcome with your very creative light decorations. One of the most favorite (and fun) ways to light up the season is to have brilliant array of paper luminaries. Yes, paper! You can line them along your front walks and driveways for a fiery Christmas display.

You can create this gleaming arrangement by generously covering the bottom of white paper bags with sand to keep them sturdy. Arrange the bags in desired positions and then insert tea lights tor battery-operated LEDs.

#2. Put Out Christmas Lanterns

Christmas lanterns will never go out of style especially when this time comes every year. You can make use of your lanterns that you have used a year ago. You can even redecorate them or tweak them to make it more unique.

For quick-and-easy holiday style, you can opt to arrange a group of festive lanterns at your entry way.

#3. Hang Vintage Ornaments

However, if you opt to use the same ornaments from last year’s Christmas (and the previous year’s), you can do so! Stick to the familiar ways of arranging and decorating your house. Beautify your house with vintage glass ornaments and the ones given to you by friends and family.

#4. Hang Decoration in Windows

Hanging Christmas decors on your windows would also give your house a groovy feel because it is one portion of the house that your guests will see next! You can opt to decorate it inspired with a winter scene; snowflakes and fresh greenery, to add gist to your bare windows.

#5. Add Built-in Bookshelves

Dining areas or living rooms are often the places at home that need a bit of transformation, not just by placing a dining set and a living room set, respectively. Give your dining room (or your living room) a double-duty with built-in bookshelves that will help transform the room into a mini library when not in use.

From there, you can also touch the selves up with your favorite books and some Christmas decoration, such as an advent wreath or a candy cane.

#6. Don’t Forget Outdoor Furniture

If you happen to have an outdoor area at home and have thought of what Christmas decor you could add, you can pull elements from your home’s décor by dressing up your outdoor furniture. You can add throw pillows available to let your Christmas guests know you have their comfort in mind.

#7. Tie Wreaths on Napkin Rings

This one is a simple take on being creative; small grapevine napkin rings tied onto cloth napkins with ribbon. A bit of a touch like this will not only help complete your Christmas decorating theme, but will also give your guests idea on how to make simple pieces without going over the top.

#8. Set Up a Breakfast Buffet

This would not only mean setting up a scrumptious set of food on your dining room table, but also an accentuated kitchen. Set up a Christmas breakfast buffet on your kitchen island with fresh greenery and blooms. You can add hanging light fixture by attaching a grapevine wreath to the bottom.

#9. Give Your Dining Table a Vivid Focal Point

Create centerpieces that would catch an attention. But make sure to not overdo it, just enough for your guest to appreciate the beauty that’s being presented to them. You can use classic Christmas colors a fresh update by mixing velvety red with chartreuse green on a punchbowl.

#10. Mason Jars as Snow Globe

This is more of creativity and art at its finest! Instead of buying snow globes in department stores, why don’t you try making one for yourself and use them as decorations at home for Christmas? Aren’t this adorable?

What are your other Christmas décor ideas? Share them up on the comment section below!

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  1. And don't forget decorating with textile art - the easiest way to add warmth and coziness to your home for this special time.
    Art quilt with Christmas/Winter theme on your wall can make lovely centerpiece for the living room. But you can also go for small textile Christmas tree ornaments or bunting or table coasters, infinite possibilities :)