Thursday, August 20, 2015

Things to Get Rid of Before Your Next Move
One of the concerns when you have to move to Ayala land properties and/or to any other real estate property is deciding what to take with you. Agree? Well, there are things that we have in our home that are not necessary to bring it with us. Of course, deciding what things are you going to leave behind can lessen the unnecessary things that you will have in your new home.

However, deciding what to leave behind can also be stressful and demanding. You have to think twice or even thrice just to make sure that you are really sure of your decision to get rid of the things that you already don’t need it at all anymore. Of course, there are also certain things that you think that are already not useful, however, they can still be recycle and have a new item and/or thing out from the things that you have made.

Well, if you think that you are still stuck of the though which things are you supposed to stay and leave behind, then here are some tips for you to know what are the things that are not necessary for you to bring with you in your next move. Of course, it will also be up to you whether you like the idea of getting rid of the things that you like.

Dine in
Bringing food in your next move takes up a lot of space and often get a bit lost in the moving process. In the days and/or even weeks before your next move, eat anything that isn’t shelf-stable, brand-new or a specialty food and/or item. Also, don’t forget about the perishable foods in the fridge and/or freezer, you might throw it away if you don’t eat it before you move to your next home. Another thing, you have to make sure to not have any groceries before you move in for you not to have a lot of things to pack.

Pass on low-quality furniture
If you are keen about having good and nice furniture, you have to make sure that you are going to have one. Of course, you cannot have such if you still have your old and low-quality furniture with you. Well, if you think that it is wasteful if you throw it away, then you have to find someone in your neighborhood, families and/or friends who are willing to have it for you, then you can definitely get it to them. You also have the need to upgrade or replace a new one when you get to your new home. 
Clean closets

If you think that your closet have a lot of things and/or clothes that are already not of use, then you have to make sure to clean it up before you leave to your new home. Of course, like your old furniture, if you think that it is such a waste to throw it all away, then you also have to find someone within your reach at your community to give it to them. With that, you are donating it to them, especially people who don’t have any.

Tame the bathroom cabinet
If you have a lot of crusty nail polishes and curling mousse placed on your bathroom cabinet, and if you think that they are already of no use, they why not try donating it or throw it away. There is still no use if you are going to bring it with you to your next move. It will only eat up your space, and you don’t want that to happen. Right?

Donate excess kid’s toys
If you have kids and you think that there are certain toys that they don’t want to play it anymore, then it is better for you to donate it to charity, families, friends who have kinds and/or to your neighbourhood. With that, you are not just de-cluttering your things, you are also helping other kids to have their own set of toys.

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