Monday, June 30, 2014

The Pros and Cons of Renting a Place To Stay

Is Renting An Apartment a Good Decision?

This predicament is often understood as a money-based question since it obviously involves cash out. And perhaps, a good answer to that depends on how bad you needed a place to stay. We never know you might able to find a condo in Philippines.

Now, let us narrow down the pros and cons of renting an apartment, which might just actually give you some hint of what to decide upon.


1.    It is cheaper.

Living in an apartment is a cheaper bet than living in a high-rise condominium. You can even have the place by your own without any trouble.  Or you can even share and split the finances if you come in with some friends. It also allows you to save up on some other things you want.

2.    Maintenance is just a call away.

Some apartments are being maintained by property-owners (lucky for you if you scored one), and it is as easy as dialing the number of the maintenance person to have it fixed for you.

3.    Amenities are inclusive.

Rental apartments often come with facilities (such as a pool, a tennis court, etc.) and services (e.g. laundry services) and they are to be exhausted by you! A thing, which is good, because you will no longer have yourself looking for some of these when they at your arms reach! Some rental apartments are even furnished with appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, or even dishwashers and or dryers. Sweet!

Somehow, there are also downsides of living in and renting an apartment. Here are some of the following:

1.    Privacy is an issue.

If you are living in a rental apartment and have the cost split with a friend (for finances sake), chances are, you can be deprived of the privacy that you needed. You will share a common CR (if that is what is available in the apartment you got), a common mess hall, kitchen and where else. You are also welcomed by noise, such as the noise of your friend’s TV on the other room or the sound of him groaning while asleep.

2.     Parking space is limited.

If you happen to own a car, well, lucky for you. Or let us say you are fortunate enough to own one yet having it might give you a problem while looking for a parking space. This might be one cause for you to get irate for it can really consume your time and would have you compete with someone who is also looking for a free space. May the odds be ever in your favor.

3.    It can sometimes affect your budget.

Especially if the owner of the apartment you are staying in, decides to increase the monthly rental. This would really leave you spending more in a month (not mentioning the other bills that you are going to pay).

4.    Pets are not allowed.

Some apartment rentals or units implement no-pets-allowed policy. So it would be difficult to find a place for you and your pets, if you are living with your favorite dog or furry cats as companions. It even becomes for lonesome and boring for you.

5.    It is not permanent.

Living in a rented place can never be permanent. So it will still leave you on deciding whether buying and owning your own place is a good idea, especially if you are looking forward to long-term options such as a house and lot for you and your future family.

There you have it! These are just some simple tips you should know for yourself and by knowing these advantages and disadvantages will eventually have you thinking a couple of times on what to decide upon. Hope this has been of help and have made you do a worthwhile decision! 

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