Wednesday, July 23, 2014

6 Safety Measures for Living with Older Adults at Home

We always aim for safety and often these can be reflected on how we manage our houses as well. Real estate developers in the Philippines or any elsewhere around the globe are finding comfortable ways for their customers and clients to be safe not only outdoor wise, but also inside their household premises.

If you are living with oldies at home, it is a necessity to keep them safe and away from accidents. Knowing some safety measures would not hurt because after all, safety is a valuable investment and having some precautionary measures at home would not be bad at all.

1.    Check fire escapes at home.

Fire exits are important portions in a house, which can mend or break a life. Seriously, this can help in achieving a safe-zone inside your home by preparing yourselves for the worse. If you are living in one of the Ayala condos or Rockwell townhouses in the Philippines with your senior parents or grandparents, there are allocated fire exits in the building so this is something not to worry about. Make sure you also know the whereabouts and the fire escape plans within the building to keep you noted.

2.    Be organized.

If you are living with older adults at home, make it to a point that your house is not cluttered and that your stuff are not placed anywhere else inside the house. There are designated areas where you can keep your things to avoid the elders stepping into them, like the toys your kids are playing with, or the screwdriver that your husband missed to put back on the toolbox at the basement. By simply following the no-clutter-inside-the-house rule, being safe can also go on its way.


3.    Avoid slippery portions at home.

As we all know, most of the elders are often losing some of their very important senses like vision, or are already using support like a walking stick to keep them up. And sometimes, some portions in the house are often neglected, like the slippery areas. With this in mind, it would be helpful to assist them in the process especially in moving around the house. Floors are often causes of accidents due to slippery surfaces but these can be prevented by being too extra careful. Avoid spilling liquid on the floor as well so as not to cause mishaps around the house.

4.    Keep sharp objects.

Not only for kids but also for older adults at home. Sharp objects are often neglected and some of the sources of these sharp things are furniture with pointed edges and sharp surfaces. Choose carefully your furnishings and decors to avoid such accidents. You can prefer using leather or soft cased couches or custom-made sofa for your grandparents or senior citizen family members. By having this, it would not only make them more comfortable but would also serve as a relaxed and safe atmosphere, conducive for settling.

5.    Rooms should occupy the first floor.

For most homes with older adults living with them, it has been taken to consideration the amount of energy these senior citizens will be exerting. And by that, it is suggested to have rooms especially made for the elder ones on the first floor of the house to avoid tripping over the stairs. This would also save more time and energy for them to begin with. And when they get much older, it would be easier to move to and fro around the rooms, kitchen, living room area or the garden for that matter, if their bedrooms are just accessible.

6.    Stairs should not be too steep.

Houses with two or three stories are often a pain for some of us, not mentioning the cleaning part, but also the moving-around-the-house portion. And by having this number of stories, means having stairs. Stairs are really okay, as long as you take into consideration your household members living inside your house. Again, senior citizens are to be protected since they are already quite soft-boned and may not be able to carry themselves up the steps.

These are just among the few more safety measures that can go along with while living with oldies at home. But these safety tips do not only apply to them, but merely to everyone inside your home sweet home. Just keep in mind the basics and everything will follow.

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