Monday, June 30, 2014

House Dilemma: Tips for New Families in Finding a Place to Live

Moving out is such a big decision to make especially if you are a family that is starting out and wanting a place of your own. Renting a place or buying home in Philippines can be reasonable options for you, but there are also things to consider for you to decide which is which. Of course, having enough alternatives is a major thing to put into mind.

1.     Budget. This is a major factor to consider. Basically, it is often based on how much you are earning to be able to spend for a good place to stay, which is of your own willingness to gush out funds unto, considering that you are living with your own family. You can possibly rent a place that is within your budget scope and eventually own it at some terms you and your landlady can talk out. And not mentioning the renovations that you want to improve your house, you do not want to leave yourself in debt. 

2.     Location. If you are planning to live in a condominium with your family, or buy a place at a subdivision, having a great location is such a big factor. This means the accessibility of the area is important. From hospitals, to schools, offices, to malls, and other relatively central places that are vital should be within your reach. Of course, this becomes easier if you have your own wheels. But the point is, you should be within at arms length to these places in case of emergencies and such happenings. 

3.     Safety. Another deterring factor that allows you to think twice from buying or renting a place is this. With the rampant break-ins that are happening elsewhere, it is essential to know if the place is safe or if there are security measures that are implemented around. Of course, it is essential for you to learn safety within your own house as well, but we can’t guarantee the fact that we cannot protect ourselves on our own. Look out and survey the place if it is within police headquarters, or if it has security guards around for additional home reassurance. Community check is also important to avoid such occurrences. 

4.     Kid friendly. Starting a new home means having an additional in the family. And that means, having children of your own, eventually. Like it or not, you should also consider this because kids can be too aggressive and are too furious about what is around them. It is important to know that the place you are staying in is something worthwhile and wholesome for your children. Parks can be entertaining for them or play grounds to unleash their childhood instincts. We do not want our kids to go around and play along the streets without supervision so it is important to keep them safe and be in a friendly-environment. 

These are just a few tips that are fundamental to consider and it is up to you on your end on how to explore and manage around these suggestions. Who knows, you can add this to your list of to-dos and perhaps propose some new ideas for other to learn, if you are one of those who are on the look out of finding a good place to stay.

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