Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why Keep These 12 Things at Home When You Can Throw It Away

Throwing things especially when it holds value to us may not be our thing. Unless we really don't like to have that particular thing anymore, throwing them away may be hard on our part. But there are just times that you need to throw them away to avoid too much clutter in your home. Well, it basically doesn't matter where you live, be it in any Ayala Land properties, throwing useless things at home is a must!

For some homeowners, they don't want to throw their things away since they can give it to the charity instead. Of course, you should do that if the things are still of use. However, if you think that even the kids or the people who are in the charity cannot use it either, then you better throw them away without any hesitations at all.

Yes, thinking about what and what not to throw may be confusing. That is why we list down the top 5 things you have at home that you don't really need. Later on, you will eventually realize that that particular thing that was thrown away made your home even cleaner and nicer.

1. The other side of a pair of lost earrings

Wearing of earrings without its pair is definitely not nice to look at. You better buy  a new set and throw the previous one.

2. Scraps of wrapping paper

You don't need to keep scraps of wrapping paper at home. It would be more appreciated when you buy a nice and stylish wrapping paper than having it recycle. The person you that can receive your gift might feel insulted for it.

3. Cards people have given you with no sentimental value

There are cards that hold dear to us. However, for those cards that don't have any meaning at all, then you better throw them away. There is no use in keep them anyways.

4. Socks with holes

Whether you realize it or not, wearing of socks with holes can be a degrading thing to do. Although people might not see what you are wearing, the thought that you are wearing socks with holes would also mean that you don't have respect for yourself. Reward yourself with a nice pair of socks, and I'm sure you will feel good about it.

5. Hair elastics that have lost stretchiness

Actually, there is no use of using hair elastics that don't have any stretchiness at all. Of course, it doesn't hold your hair any longer. That is why you need to throw these things away.

6. Extra photo prints

One of the reasons why we print our photos it is because we want to have some hard copy of our memories. However, you don't need to have some extra photos to keep. It will only add up the clutter at home.

7. Old makeup

Old makeups should be thrown away. Don't use it anymore. When you do, it might cause you skin rashes. And I'm sure you don't want to experience those things. Right?

8. Expired or sample-sized toiletries

Just like your old makeup, you should not use expired toiletries. You better buy a new set of toiletries rather than risking yourself with it.

9. Dried-up nail polish

This is one of the many things you must throw away. Since it is already dried-up, obviously, you can't use it anymore. So, better throw those dried-up nail polish already.

10. Expired medication

If you want to live your life longer, then don't hesitate to throw expired medicines just because they are expensive.

11. Expired coupons

Even if you use them and show it to a particular store who offer such coupons, they don't still accept it since it is already expired. The promo doesn't count anymore since the given date already passed.

12. Rusty jewelry

For those people who have sensitive skin, then you better throw these things away. This may give you some skin rashes since the jewelry is already rusted. So, don't wear it.

Basically, there are actually tons of things that you need to throw away. Common sense will tell you that you don't need it and it needs to be thrown. Of course, these things mentioned above are the top and common things that you need to let go. Just buy things that are useful to you. If you are on a shopping, make sure that you think first before deciding to buy that particular thing for as not to add clutter to your home.

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  1. I agree with everything except #11. Many stores and restaurants will still accept expired coupons. Know which places those are. Typically, manufacturers' coupons cannot be used past the expiration date printed. However, many stores will accept their own "in-store only" coupons past the expiration date.