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10 Heart Warming Bedroom Ideas For Valentine's Day

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The most awaited day for most couples is almost near. This is the time when you can show your feelings in a most romantic way ever than any other ordinary days. Some of you here have already plans for their dates while other couples are still thinking about what to do on that special day. Well perhaps, a romantic dinner for two or even a double date with your best friend is the usual things most couples or lovers do.

However, thinking about romantic things with your partner can sometimes be daunting and frustrating. Of course, you have to think about things you can do to make him/her happy. You also have to be considerate when it comes to his/her likes and dislikes. When you don't, then Valentine's Day this year might not be your special day. And I'm sure you definitely don't want to have an unromantic event of the year, right? That is why, even just a simple yet heart-warming bedroom idea, you can already make them feel the thrill and excited.

Decorating your bedroom for Valentine's Day is not as hard as you think it is. For as long as you know what you want to have in your bedroom, then you definitely know what you want to do with it. Well, even if you are living in Bonifacio Global City condo, romantic decorating is within your reach. And to give some ideas, below are some things you can apply if you don't have any idea about decorating such.

1. Lighting

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Choosing a good lighting is a must. The lights can spice up the romance in both of you. Moreover, try to avoid too much light, it will only kill the momentum. Make the lighting soft or dim yet still can illuminate the room.

2. Candles
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Aside from the lightings that you have in your bedroom, candles can also evoke feelings of intimacy. Especially when you use scented candles gives the room the atmosphere of romance. Just make sure you put the candles in a safe place to avoid accidents.

3. Mirrors
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Some of you here might not give importance to mirrors. The mirror reflects the soft lights which also help give more depth to your bedroom.

4. Window curtains
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Window curtains are also an important factor when decorating your bedroom. It helps prevent noises or curb lights from the outside that distracts your momentum. Moreover, make sure to match your curtains with the beddings to add an appealing beauty to the room.

5. Bedding
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A good bed is the pivotal point of the whole d├ęcor in your bedroom. It is one of the musts-haves to impress your partner. You can use silk and satin which are the perfect fabrics for your bed. Moreover, a good bedding will give you a relax and comfortable use of the bed.

6. Canopy (optional)
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Adding a canopy in your bedroom may be optional, but it definitely adds beauty and romantic ambiance to the place. Moreover, having it can also give a more spacious feel of the room.

7. Flowers and Petals
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This is one of the common things if you want the night to more romantic. You can spread some love with petals all over the bed or even on the floor. It doesn't just add beauty, it also gives a romantic and pleasant feel on the place.

8. Wine
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Some couples don't care about drinking while having an intimate chat, but wines can also help set up the mood for more romantic ambiance in the room. Of course, make it less alcoholic for you to enjoy the night and not being drunk.

9. Romantic music

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Aside from all heart-warming decorations, you already have, you should not forget to have the music. Obviously, playing romantic music can definitely set you in a mood for romance. Just make sure you're playing a soft romantic music for as not to ruin the mood.

10. Cut the down expenses
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Yes, this is a special day. And it only happens once every year. But it doesn't mean you'll going to spend all of your money just to pull off the romantic decorations you want to have for your partner. You will eventually realize the next morning that you don't have enough budget to pay all your bills and your other expenses. It's not a good idea.

You can have your romantic night without any expensive decorations. All you have to do is make use of what is available and be creative enough to turn it into something that can be of use. With that, you will have a good and happy memories without any problems at all.

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