Thursday, September 17, 2015

Commuter’s Point of View: 4 Things They Taught us about Homebuying
When we talk about investing in a property, there are a lot of things that we need to think about. The price of the property – whether if it is affordable or not, accessibility, location and/or any other concerns when it comes to finding the right property for us. Of course, all of these concerns matter if we want to live a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. Who wouldn’t, right? I bet, you don’t immediately decide to buy that particular property without inspecting the interior and exterior of it.

One of the many things most people think when it comes to investing in a property is to seek help from the real estate professionals. First time homebuyers, usually can learn about a particular property from the articles on the web, word-of-mouth, and/or from the brokers. Of course, when it is your first time in buying and/or investing in a property, it is a must for you to seek some advices from the professionals for you to avoid unwanted circumstances later on. Do you know that commuters can also give you some advices and tips when it comes to buying a home?

Commuters have also had their stories to tell, since they experience what most commuters do with their everyday routines. Well, if you want to know what their side of their story about home buying, below are some of their views and opinions about it.

1. “Accessibility” doesn’t always mean “convenience”

One of the misconceptions of most homebuyers, accessibility and convenience is most likely the same. They might be related, however, they are not the same. What makes it separate the two is your personal connection to any amenities, services or facilities in your neighborhood.  For instance, you prefer living in the suburbs because of how affordable the property prices are. However, when you consider travelling for work or school, you would definitely rather increase your budget in favor of cutting down the everyday hassles. Right? Sometimes, this is where we usually stuck when it comes to decision making.

2. It is better to commute than to use public transportation

Ok, let admit! We definitely hate traffic, especially when we are about to be late for work or school. There are even times that our walk is faster than the vehicle that we are riding. If you are one of those commuters and your home needs an hour traveling, then why don’t you reconsider moving out. Well, for some commuters, they would prefer moving into the nearest property to their working place or school. Usually, they would not mind the budget for their monthly dues, for as long as they can be at their destination on time.

3. A neighborhood should allow us to find our way to a location easily

When you are new to the neighborhood, it is better for you to walk and familiarize places around your community. And one of the many ways you will know is by walking through walkways, underpasses, and footbridges. With that, it will give you the comfort when moving in the city and know the visual cues on how a city is designed and aide people, including foreign people. Of course, it is also one way to map out an efficient route to their destination. Well, if you are lost in the big city, why don’t you try walking and familiarizing the place. When you do, then it will be easier for you to know where and how you can go back to your home.

4. We need to consider our bodies of water as an alternative route

Due to the heavy traffic that we experience every day, one of the alternative routes you can do is to have a ferry ride. Well, it is a good thing if your property is near a Pasig River and/or any other place where you can have the ferry as one of your means of transportation, then you can definitely choose that kind of alternative. However, it is impossible for you to consider a ferry ride when your home is not accessible to the bodies of water.

If you are one of those commuters, you also have to consider your home based on how convenient and accessible for you. Just because you like the property, it doesn’t mean that it is going to be the right one for you. Right? So, choose and plan carefully.

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