Friday, July 3, 2015

What Type of Home Buyer are you?

You cannot expect that in every home buyer is the same when it comes to home buying process. Every home buyer has each own strategy or tactics whenever they are going to invest in an Alveo condo Cebu. Well, it all can be effective, depending on how your tactic works.
Most home buyers, if not all,  are so meticulous that they want to know every single detail of the transactions and some home buyers who value emotional appeal when it comes to purchasing a home. For them, investing is one of their achievements in life.

There are actually different kinds of home buyers. Well, hands up if you are one of these types below. You may not notice but you might possess this kind of personality traits of a home buyer.

The Logical Thinker Homebuyer

There are home buyers who want to have a dream home according to his ideals. He/she wants to have the exact things that they want to include in their home. Well, if they think that the ideal home that they want to have is impossible to reach, then at least it is close to their ideal home.

These people are the ones who plan on what are the things that must be included inside and outside of their homes. They analyse every detail to match everything in their home. They are detail-oriented, and everything should be neat and organized.

Of course, they are also strict when it comes to the schedules of real estate transactions. They don’t want delays. They are also an independent home buyer, they can think on what are the things that they want and need to do.

The Visual-Social Homebuyer

This kind of home buyer likes to build a relationship. Well, a relationship that they can make friends which they can mingle with. When it comes to selecting and/or choosing a home, they usually look at the appearance of the place or the unit. They make sure that their home is nice and elegant to look at.

You don’t have to worry when you are out of topic in your conversation, since this kind of home buyer is a good conversationalist. They have a lot of ideas in their mind to talk to, be it a real estate topic and/or any kinds of topics that you all want to discuss.

Also, they are good at cooperating with someone. If you ask them with something that you need, they are much willing to give you a helping hand.

The Person of Action Homebuyer

Unlike the traits of the logical thinker, this kind of homebuyer is active in everything that they want to have. When it comes to real estate transactions, he loves to attend meetings and viewings of the place and/or their home. Of course, since he/she is active in every activity in the real estate industry, they need to have a regular updates from their brokers.

When it comes to decision making, they are also quick in deciding on the things that they want to have. of course, they just have to make sure that every decision that they will make is good and will not jeopardise any of their plans. And since they are active and enthusiastic in many ways, sometimes, they can’t wait to know what the results of the transactions are.

The Chill Pill Homebuyer

Unlike the traits of the person of action, this kind of homebuyer is an easy going homebuyer. They are patient and can wait on the results of their transactions are. Well, you can say they can be friendly since they can be open to new ideas that you are going to tell them.

Also, they don’t rush things, especially when it comes to the decision making. They wanted to have a smooth and sure decision when it comes to real estate transactions. They are most likely careful in everything they do to avoid any problems and/or complications.

Well, these are some common personality traits of every homebuyer. If you think that you are this kind of person, they you just have to know that you can still make a good and satisfying deal with your broker.

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