Sunday, July 12, 2015

5 Tips on How to Make your Kid a Good Neighbour

Every homebuyer wants a community or neighbourhood that has a good and positive vibe environment. Of course, who doesn’t want that? We all do! Especially when we want to live in Amaia Scapes Pampanga, having a good neighbourhood is one of the factors that we are looking for.

There are actually different kinds of community or neighbourhood that you are going to have, depending on what kind of neighbors that you have. Of course, if you have a good neighbour, you will most likely have a good and kind neighbors in your community.

However, even if you have a kind neighbour, if their kids are bully and are not that approachable enough to the other kids in the community, it will also defeat the purpose on having a positive vibe around you. That is why, it is also important to teach your kids on how to be kind on the other kids on your community. Here are some tips for you on how you can make your kids a good neighbour.

1. Establish boundaries and routines with your neighbors first

There are times that children are very much hyper when it comes to playing. Well, as a parent, you have to ask your neighbour if it is ok to walk into their yard whenever the ball that your kid’s are playing goes into their yard and retrieve it.

You have to know whether you neighbors are ok to let their kids play with your kids. With that, you don’t need to worry if they are playing. You just have to make sure that they are not hurting each other while playing.

2. Teach your children literal boundaries

Of course, as a kid, you don’t know which part of the area is still going to be your own home or which part of the place is already your neighbor’s property. For them to know which area is your property, you have to let them know where what place is already their limitation.

Also, you have to let them know that it is not good to always go to the other property or home without any permission from the owner. You have to make them respect the owner of the house.

3. Explain figurative boundaries

Aside from establishing what and where the literal boundaries that they may go are, you also have to teach and explain to them the figurative boundaries. You have to teach them that shouting to their neighbors is not good and is a sign of disrespect, even if they are only shouting with the other kids in their community.

Moreover, if you want to get or retrieve something on your neighbor’s yard, you have to ask some permission from the owner first. That is especially when they have pets in their yard.

4. Don’t cover it up

Fighting and/or misunderstanding between kids is investable. However, whenever there are fights that are going on, it is your duty to know what is right or wrong. You have to carefully identify which kid is at fault.

When you kid is at fault, you have the right to reprimand your kid. You have to teach them that what they did was wrong and he/she needs to apologize with the other kids. With that, he/she will keep in mind that the next time that they are going to play with the kids.

5. Teach your children to look for opportunities to help and serve

Even if your kid is still young, you can definitely teach them to help others. In fact, this is the best time to teach them that kind of character for them to grow up having it in their minds. You can teach them that whenever there is a kid that is having a hard time getting his/her toys, they have to help them carry or picking the toys up.

Well, it is their chance to make new friends in your neighbourhood. Also, it is one of the best feeling that you are going to have whenever your kid tries to help someone without asking for a return.

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