Thursday, March 5, 2015

7 Smart Wall Decor Ideas for your Kid's Bedroom

Aside from having toys for your kids that can make them smart, painting or decorating their walls with wall arts in their room at Alveo condo Cebu, is also one way to make them smarter. They can learn things out of the wall art that you have put and, of course, they will have fun seeing those arts on their wall.

There are actually a lot of ideas that you can have in decorating their rooms. You can transform their rooms from a simple and boring space to an incredible artwork for your kids, which they will surely love to have in their rooms.

Flowers and garden painting
This wall decoration is advisable for little kids where they can already appreciate the shapes and colors of the paintings. They love to see colorful shapes that were formed into a garden and/or flowers. Little kids will not be bored just be watching those colorful paintings on their walls.

City wall decor
If your kids love to play toy cars, you might want to consider having their walls painted or decorated with a city art décor. Especially when they see cars, they would love to play along with it. trying also to fit their to the city wall décor.

Cartoon characters wall décor
Kids love to watch cartoons especially when have a good time watching the show. Now they just don't watch their favorite cartoon character, they also got to have it in their rooms. As a parent, you have to know what kind of a cartoon character your kids love to have for you to know what kind of decorations you would put in their rooms.

Quotes wall décor
This wall décor is advisable for the kids that already knows how to read and can understand what the quote is all about. Or you can let them understand what kind of quote you are trying to impart to them. Also, use a quote for kids that are also known to them.

Name wall décor

If you want it the wall decoration of your kids is simple, you can have their name as a wall décor in their rooms. You can have their name painted with some arts in it on their walls. Putting his or her name would also mean that you are proud of their name.

Hand paint wall décor
Including your kids in decorating their room would mean a lot to them. It also means that you value their creativity when it comes to making or creating wall art decors especially when it is in their rooms. It is not just you who will have fun, but they will also love to be included and have fun putting paint in their hands to decorate it in their rooms.

Picture frames

Pictures frames are the usual wall décor kids have. You can put their faces on the wall; it could be when they are still infants or a set of pictures where they can see how they grow up every day. At least in that way, they will see and know how they grow up with the care of their parents and how beautiful and charming they can be as they grow bigger and taller.

You can have whatever kind of wall decorations you may put in their room for as long as you put or decorated it with care and love that your kids may appreciate it. There will be no simple and boring room for your kids. Always remember that what you put in their room, they can learn something from it. That is why you have to be careful in decorating their wall.

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