Thursday, February 26, 2015

6 Simple DIY Partition Designs for Simple Living

You can see the beauty in simplicity, they say. Simplicity in every way can bring out the creativity one can have to look good in the eyes of the people. So as the simplicity of an interior design a house can have, we can usually appreciate when things were creatively made from junks to a decorative thing for your house. Whether you are living in a condo or any other Philippine real estate, you can always decorate and transform your house for the better.

There are a lot of things you can think of in decorating and transforming your house. Making and having a partitions or dividers in your house is one of the things you can do to add beauty to your house. When you have a partition in your house, it helps separate the parts of your house and it also helps you identify which part is the kitchen, the living room, the room and other places inside your house.

Partitions and/or dividers may come in different forms and/or designs. If you are still planning to make or have a partitions or dividers inside your house, you can have these simple partition designs as your inspiration to make and have one for you house.

Wood pallet as your partition/divider
You can use a wood pallet that is already junked in your backyard. You can still beautify it to make it as your partition/divider inside your house. Just make sure that there are no nails that are still attached to the wood for you to avoid any cuts on your skin. You can paint it to whatever color that you like or leave it as it is to have an original and unique style of the wood pallet that you have.

To make the wood pallet more nice and simple yet elegant to look at, you can add lights and hang picture frames and/or other decorations that you want to have in your partition.

Plate numbers as your partition/divider
If you are a kind of person who loves to collect plate numbers and you already have tons of it, you might want to make it more useful and make it as your partition /divider inside or outside of your house. You can attach each plate numbers with a hook or any other chains that can hold it.

Bookshelf as your partition/divider
Book lovers would definitely want to have this kind of partition on their house. it serves a dual purpose on your part since it doesn't just serve as a divider in your house, but it is also used as your bookshelf. This kind of divider also saves space especially when you live in a small apartment or house.

Wall full of picture frames as your partition/divider
If you want to have this kind of partition/divider where you make a wall that is full of picture frames, it doesn't just separates the place from the other inside your house but you can also see faces of you and your families and friends where it also gives you memories of them.

Simple piece of wood as your partition/divider
If you are a kind of person who simple and don't like to have so many decorations inside your house, you can have a simple piece of wood where you can just simply let it stand on a thing that can hold the wood up. You can paint the wood or have it as it is for a natural look. This kind of partition is so simple yet it has an elegant touch with it.

Sliding glass as your partition/divider
This is the most common partition/divider people usually use especially in their rooms. It doesn't serve as a partition in their house, but it also serves as their door for their room. It is also easier to open when it comes to emergencies since it is a sliding glass door.

These are just some of the designs partitions have. There are still a lot more and it will also depend on how you want to have your partition/divider to look for your house, for as long as it separates the place from the other and it adds beauty to your house.

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