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To Have Pools or Not: Pros and Cons of Backyard Pools

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Pools are appealing to the eye! For some, it's already a dream come true to have one in their backyard. When you have a pool at home, you'd definitely feel the fun and excitement that comes with it. But before you can have your own pool, you have to remember that it takes a huge investment – not just with money, but also your time and effort as well.

When you plan of having your own pool, most real estate brokers would advise that investing in Ayala land lot Cebu or any real estate lot is a good idea in order for you to own your pool. And as a homeowner, it is a critical thing for you to understand that installing a pool in your backyard is a permanent condition to your home. That is why, you should be certain when it comes to the decision making on whether or not to install a pool.

Of course, having a pool on your backyard doesn't just have an advantage, it also have some disadvantage that you might want to avoid. However, if you are a person who is willing to take some risk on having one, then you might as well know the pros and cons on installing and having a pool on your backyard. Of course, that is for you to avoid regrets later on.

Pros of backyard pools

Aside from the fun and excitement of plunging yourself in the clear water, there are actually a lot of advantages when you have one:

Perfect for parties

Talking about parties, it's definitely more fun when you got to include swimming pool. If you want to have a formal party on your home, pools are there to add beauty to the venue. It attracts people to enjoy more even if it's a formal event. Of course, pool parties would definitely not be called such when there is no pool at all. This is the time where you got to be wet while enjoying the party. And of course, kids are not just the only one who got to enjoy it, adults, too!

Great for exercise

Swimming is a kind of exercise, and it is such an advantage when you got your own pool. You don't need to go far just to swim. Whenever you feel like swimming, you got to swim anytime for as long as you want. With that, you are not just having fun swimming, but you are also exercising as well.

Be the cool house

Believe me, when you have your own pool, your friends and relatives would definitely love to visit your house again and again. Of course, what else? – that is to enjoy the pool. You definitely can't say "NO" to that since it is going to be fun too, that unless you are going to be out of town.

Home investment

When the time you decide to sell or rent out your home, the value will be much higher than an ordinary house. Thanks for having the pool, you can definitely raise the rent and/or price of your home higher without hesitating since you know that the house is worth the price.

Cons of backyard pools
Installation cost

Before you can decide or whether or not you are going to have a pool on your backyard, you have to make sure that you have enough budget for installing it. Of course, it doesn't just end up with the materials used for the installation, but you also have to have the budget for the fee on the people who will install it. Moreover, you should also know that you should have enough space on your backyard for you to have your own pool.

Daily maintenance

You definitely don't want to swim in a pool full of dirt, right? However, it is not enough that the water in the pool is just clean. You have to check the pool's pH balance daily to check on the acid and alkaline levels. Plus, you also have to consider the maintenance especially when your pool is made of concrete, which is more prone to cloudy water and algae growth. Well, you better check your schedules for you to have the time in cleaning your pool.

Pool accidents

Accidents are inevitable, especially when you have a pool at home. When you have your kids, you have to secure the area for the kids not to immediately go near the pool. And when it comes to pool parties, you have to make sure to announce that parents with kids should be careful for them not to be slipped and drowned. You definitely don't want to see someone's drowning. Definitely not!

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