Sunday, December 20, 2015

Moving to the Capital: The Cost of Living in a City

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Whether you agree with me on this or not, a lot of us here dream of living in the city. Perhaps, you can find various opportunities such as jobs and businesses in the city. Who would not want that, right? Moreover, it doesn't matter if you live in Marquee Residences or any other properties you want to live; there will always be opportunities that await you. Of course, that if you are motivated enough to grab these kinds of opportunities.

Yes, there may be a lot of opportunities for you, but you also have to remember that the cost of living may differ from the provinces and other places you have been. Moreover, if you are not used to living in a city, then you might want to adapt the kind of environment the city have.
Well, if you are one of those people who are planning to move and live in the city, below are some things you should consider and know before moving to the capital. Of course, this is also for you to be aware of the things you should and should not do when you already move.


If you are used to having an affordable food, then you better think twice if you plan on eating your meal outside your house. Whether you like it or not, living in the city is costly, especially when it comes to the food. Classy restaurants may also cost you a lot. If you are not careful in choosing what restaurant you want to try, then you might be in trouble. That is why, it is also a must for you to bring extra money for any cases of financial emergencies.

Well, fret not! To those people who still want to eat outside yet don't want to spend too much for their food, there are also actually a lot of good restaurants with good food. Of course, you will also enjoy the quality of food that they have. Not just with the tasty food, you will also enjoy the place. Well, just make sure you know where and what kind of restaurants that offers that kind of affordability.

Transportation and services

A lot of us here might expect that cities have the most efficient public transportation system than the other places. Well, you better think again. However, even if the public transportation may not be efficient enough, you don't have to worry since the affordability of the fare compensates. Well, if you plan on having a taxi, you also don't have to worry since the taxi's flag down rate is only Php 40 plus Php 3.50 for every three meters. Well, it is not that expensive for a working person.

And if you are one of those people who prefer the economic one, you might want to try riding jeepneys. With that, you will only need to pay Php 8 minimum fare. Well, that is an economical thing to have.


When it comes to the housing, it will always depend on where and what place you want to stay. If you are planning to live in a property such as Marquee Residences, you might want to inquire the right amount of budget for you to know if it fits your monthly budget. And as a home investor, you have to make sure that the property that you choose suits your taste and lifestyle for you not to regret your decisions later on.

Moreover, if you are new to home investments, you better hire a real estate professional for you to achieve your desired home without any delays and problems in the process of investments. Well, investing in a property is also one of the things you should be proud. Of course, you are also investing for your future.

These three basic things mentioned above may be common to all of us, but these are the most important things for you to know and consider when it comes to your plan and decision in moving in the city. Well, adapting the city's environment may not be hard as you think it is. Just make sure that you also know who to cope up with the things and situations around you.

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