Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bathroom Planning: 5 Washing area you’ll Love to Have

A good bathroom makes a satisfying bath. Agree? Sometimes, the satisfaction of our bath also depends on the place where we take a bath. Of course, who would like to take a bath when you know that your bathroom is not nice and clean enough for you to take your bath? Well, whether you are living in an Alveo condo Cebu or any other real estate, you’ll definitely love to have a nice bathroom.
All of us want to have a nice bathroom, right? However, choosing the right style of bathroom that also fits to your home can also be demanding. You have to know which of the styles and/or features of your bathroom that you need to have to make a perfect fit in your house.

Having a nice bathroom is not just about having a good bath but also, it also adds beauty to the place that you live in. well, if you still don’t have any idea on what kind of bathroom you want to have, then these are some tips for you below that you will surely want to include inside of your bathroom. 

1. Washstand
The most typical feature of the bathroom have the basic things that must be included inside, and having a washing area is one of those things that you need to have. of course, it is where you need to wash your face, brush your teeth and/or anything that you want to do with the washing area.

To make it more elegant to look at, you can repurpose your washing area and have it as your washstand. Well, it is still going to be your typical washing area but with a twist where it has already its own stand. You will surely want to have it inside or outside of your bathroom. 

2. Single sink
A single sink is one of the most common washing areas in most houses. Well, it is one of the typical kinds. However, if you want to have it in an elegant way, you can definitely have it repurpose or renovate it the way you wanted it to be.

Having a space that is particularly intended for the washing area, then you can definitely have it in a different way yet still with a single sink. If you want to have a single sink, just make sure that you have a space for it. 

3. Freestanding
Think about the style of our table where you usually put your cosmetics, think about how elegant it is to have when you also have it in your bathroom. Well, of course, it is not going to be your table but a washing area where you have your own sink to use. Painting it with the right color can also add up with the beauty of the sink. 

4. Perch on a plinth
If you are saving up some space on your bathroom, you can definitely choose the style perch on a plinth where you can just have your sink placed at the top of the table of your bathroom. With that, you can have enough save to put some other stuff underneath. You don’t have to worry since it is still going to be an elegant thing to have. 

5. Big storage
 When you have a bigger house, you will also going to have a bigger space for your bathroom. Of course, you have to use the spaces wisely. Especially choosing the right features of your bathroom is one of the things that matters most. Well, you can definitely add and have cabinet underneath your sink. Of course, you don’t have to worry too much since the style of your cabinet will going to be modern version of having it in underneath on your washing area.

There are actually a lot of washing area styles that you can choose from. You can have it the way you wanted it to be. You can even have it customized if you want it. Well, it will always be up to you on what features you want to include for as long as you want it and be satisfied with it. Another, just make sure that the kind of washing area that you choose also fits with the style of your bathroom.

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