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Productivity 101: How to Work Productively From Your Home

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It is undeniable that working at home may not be as productive as working at the office. Agree? Of course, since we are talking about working from your home, whether you are living in a studio unit in a high-rise condo in BGC or any other type of dwelling, there are so many distractions around you – not to mention your bedroom. Who would not be tempted to cuddle your pillows and watch some TV? These things around our home can be our enemy when it comes to the productivity of our work.

Before deciding to work at home, it is a must for you to determine if you are a kind of person who can avoid such temptations around you. If not, then you better have a job where you can have a good place to work efficiently. However, if you have a job where it needs to where at home, then there must need for you to adjust things for you to avoid being unproductive.

Well, if you are one of those people who is working from their home, then below are some tips where it can be a great help whenever you are tempted to do unrelated stuff. Of course, you don't have to worry since these tips below are simple yet effective enough for you to do.

Plan your day

It's hard for you to focus on your work if you don't have a proper plan. Some of you might wonder and ask, "Plan for what?" Do you know the planning is one of the most important things for you to do before you start your work? It is in your planning where you will know what things are that you should do for the day. Moreover, this will also serve as your guide on what to do next since you already plan your work ahead of time. With that, you will not be wasting your time thinking about what to do.

For instance, you jot down the things that you need to do in the morning, and tasks that need to be done in the afternoon. Of course, you also have to make sure that the time that is intended for that particular task is reasonable enough to do such.  Perhaps, you can outline the things like this;

9 – 10 AM: Work on the first task
10 – 10:15 AM: Break! 
10:15 – 11 AM: Work on the second task
11 AM – 12 PM: Finalize the second task
12 – 1 PM: Lunch

Limit distractions

Yes, this! We all do know so well that there are so many distractions at home. Well, talking about our bed, pillows, TV, phones, and other things that keep your focus away from your work. Why don't you try working in a place where you can't be tempted to do stuff. Yes, there are just times that we find it very tempting to do those things we have at home. But always remember that discipline is the key. If you are not disciplined enough to abstain yourself from those temptations around you, then you will not be productive enough to do your work. And mind you, it is not a good thing to do at all.

If you want to keep your career, then you better limit yourself with distractions. Of course, aside from the distractions mentioned above, dirty dishes in the sink and messy home can also be one of the things that can distract you from work. That is why, before you do your work, make sure to clean your home for you to have a pleasant and productive environment.

Take breaks

Even if you are working at home, it is still a must for you to take some break. Of course, if you tend to work without any breaks at all, you might have headaches due to overthinking. And I'm sure you don't want that to happen, right? Be moderate. It is also a must for you to know how to balance your work and giving yourself a break, With that, you will eventually realize that just by taking a break, you can think better ideas than not having a break at all.

Moreover, it won't hurt your time if you are going to pause from work. Well, just make sure that you are also not wasting your time taking breaks. Use your time wisely. Time management is the key to having a better and productive working experience from your home.

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